Pregnant Mykelti Padron Shows Off In Electric Purple Swimsuit

Mykelti Padron from TLC, Sister Wives

Sister Wives star Mykelti Padron is expecting twin boys at the moment, but she’s not stopping that from letting her live her best life. Fall is setting in, but it’s still hot in many parts of the country. Mykelti just wants to have some fun in the sun and enjoy the pool.

Recently, Mykelti provided a pregnancy update and rocked a beautiful purple swimsuit while doing it. Keep reading to see the photo!

Mykelti Padron enjoys the last few moments of summer at the pool

Mykelti Padron’s due date is in December, but she’s previously said that she expects to give birth in November since twins don’t always make it full term. But by the end of 2022, the Padron twins will almost certainly arrive.

In the meantime, the TLC personality is just trying to stay as comfortable as possible. It’s not easy carrying twins!

Mykelti Brown Padron from TLC, Sister Wives
Mykelti Brown Padron/TLC

“Here’s 29 weeks pregnant with twins. Honestly not fun. Both boys move so much and all over the place,” Mykelti captioned her photo. “And moving is getting hard and sometimes painful. But they’re almost here so that’s the positive side. The boys are doing well and healthy. Growing strong.”

Mykelti Padron from Instagram
Mykelti Padron/Instagram

Being pregnant with twins over the long, hot summer probably wasn’t fun at all. But the Sister Wives star made it and soon she will welcome her baby boys.

“I’ll bet it feels good in the pool! A little buoyancy to help with the 2 little dudes! Congratulations again times two 👣👣💙💙” one fan wrote.

Cutest mom to be 😍” Janelle Brown commented on the photo. Her own daughter Maddie Brush is also expecting. She and her husband recently announced they are having a baby girl

What do you think of Mykelti’s beautiful swimsuit? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below!

The Brown sisters party hard in Las Vegas together

Mykelti and her older sister Aspyn also recently partied hard together in Las Vegas. Their brother Logan Brown is going to marry Michelle Petty sometime this year. Mykelti and Aspyn threw an amazing bachelorette party for Michelle where they attended the Stadium Tour that’s going around right now. Based on the photos, it looked like the women all had an amazing time!

Mykelti Brown Padron from Instagram
Mykelti Padron/Instagram

If Mykelti Padron is really uncomfortable while pregnant, her followers would never know it. She’s still out and about having the best time with her loved ones. Many fans are proud — the girls have definitely come a long way since they lived under Kody Brown’s roof and strict rules. In this way, they take after their mother Christine.

Don’t forget to catch the newest Sister Wives episode! There will be a brand new Season 17 episode tonight on TLC at 10 PM eastern time. Tune in and see what’s going on with the Brown family next.

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