Gil and Kelly Bates Instagram, Bringing Up Bates

‘Bringing Up Bates’ Fans Think Gil & Kelly Bates Dash Kids’ Dreams

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Are former Bringing Up Bates stars Gil and Kelly Jo Bates dashing their kids’ dreams? Fans think so after seeing a recent social media post from the couple. So, what did Gil and Kelly share that has fans asking so many questions?

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Some fans love the way that Gil and Kelly raise their 19 children, while others criticize them. No matter what they do, they can’t please everyone. One recent photo, in particular, got fans talking about the choices the couple makes while raising their kids.

Gil and Kelly Bates Instagram, Bringing Up Bates

Gil & Kelly Bates Share New Photo With Fans

On Instagram, Gil and Kelly recently shared with Bringing Up Bates fans that their son, Judson, was celebrating his 12th birthday. The proud parents doted on their growing son in a social media tribute. His birthday was September 15, which is also Brandon Keilen’s birthday. Brandon is the husband of Michaela Bates Keilen.

On the Bates family’s Instagram Stories, they shared additional photos of Judson to celebrate his special day. In one, the 12-year-old is showing off a completed Lego building kit. He is all smiles as he sits at the table with his impressive project.

You can see the photo below.

Gil and Kelly Bates Instagram, Bringing Up Bates

Bringing Up Bates Fans Think The Couple Dashes Their Kids’ Dreams

This new photo of Judson prompted a major discussion on Reddit. Bates fans often head over to Reddit to talk about what the family is up to and share their thoughts. On Reddit, the family receives both love and criticism from their many followers.

This time, Bringing Up Bates fans are pointing out that Judson likely doesn’t have a chance to pursue a career in STEM, despite being interested at just 12 years old. One fan wrote:

“This little boy seems like he would have an interest in a STEM field and it’s kinda sad knowing he wouldn’t get to chase that dream, especially when you see the kid showing a passion.”

Someone else added:

“I think for me the saddest part is that the Bates kids all seem intelligent. I feel like they all have so much potential that was stifled by their cult-upbringing.”

Bringing Up Bates, Gil and Kelly Bates Instagram

So, do you think that Gil and Kelly Bates are dashing their kids’ dreams? Or do you think Judson will have an opportunity to pursue any career he wishes to? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Bringing Up Bates news.

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  1. I have no idea what STEM means but every parent has the right to bring up their children the way they seem fit. They all seem happy and well taken care for, so who am I to weigh in? I don’t care for religion at all, but that doesn’t mean I impose my beliefs onto their family

  2. Most of these kids have gone to college or trade school. Erin has a music degree, 2 of the girls are cosmetologists and Tori has a teaching degree . 2 boys are pilots and the oldest girl is a nurse. Zach is a police officer . They do not do that . They encourage them to pursue what they love .

  3. The Bates have always encouraged their kids to pursue their dreams. It’s the Duggar’s that control everything their kids do.

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