Gil & Kelly Bates 2021 Net Worth: How Can They Afford 19 Kids?

UPtv (Gil Kelly Bates 2021 net worth)

What is Gil and Kelly Bates’ 2021 net worth? Bringing Up Bates fans often wonder how the couple is able to afford all of the expenses that come with raising 19 children. Read on to get all of the details about the couple’s net worth and learn how they make their money.

Fans assume that most of the Bates family’s money comes from their UPtv show. We don’t know exactly how much they make per episode. However, the Duggar family’s show 19 Kids & Counting brought in an estimated $25,000 to $40,000 per episode. Because UPtv is much smaller than TLC and the Bates aren’t quite as well known as the Duggars, it’s safe to assume they make less than that per episode of the show.

With many of Gil and Kelly’s kids being grown, it’s unclear how they divvy up the money. All of the Gil and Kelly’s kids appear to be living comfortably, based on what is shown on social media.

The Bates Fam Instagram
The Bates Fam Instagram

However, the Bates family doesn’t rely solely on UPtv for income. Many of them are entrepreneurial and have their own businesses. For example, several of the Bates sisters have come together to run the Bates Sisters Boutique. Michaela and Brandon Keilen sell handmade baby blankets.

Gil & Kelly Bates 2021 Net Worth

According to Wealthy PersonsGil is worth an estimated $500,000. So, it seems like the father to 19 is pretty well off. He has had several business ventures that appear to supplement his UPtv income. Gil has his own excavating business, Bates Tree Service. Some of his sons work alongside him. The Bringing Up Bates father is also a pastor at his family’s church, so he makes some money from that role as well.

So, Gil and Kelly have many different ways to bring in an income. The whole Bates family seems to be doing well, partially due to their UPtv show. The family’s show will return early next year for its 11th season, though the family is currently under fire for a controversial video circulating online. Fans have been calling on UPtv to cancel the series, but it’s unclear if that will truly affect the family’s show.

So, did you ever wonder about Gil and Kelly Bates’ 2021 net worth? Are you shocked they are able to provide for all of their children? Let us know what you think in the comments section below. Be sure to come back for the latest Bates family news.

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  1. I am not surprised that the Bates family is well off because they appear to all be hard workers. Plus they seem to have a desire to be self employed which can have a good pay off if you provide goods or services that are wanted and needed. Good for them! I would also like to note that this family drives used cars, they often buy second hand clothes and home furnishings and they have a habit of mostly eating at home and cooking from scratch. They also know how to have a good time at home playing games or plan a picnic dinner or trip to the lake for an inexpensive day of family fun. They know how to save money day to day so they can enjoy those those big vacations once in a while.

  2. I love the Bates family they don’t act like there better than everyone else. And I love the parents they let there kids choose there own husband or wife that’s what I love cause there the one when they marry got to live with that person I’m a very Big fan of the Bates.

  3. I love the Bates family. They brought there children up to honor God first and that’s the most important thing in being successful in family. Without God in everything we do you will not a can not succeed. All the kids are hard working. So, mom and dad did a good job on teaching go I d work habits. The generation now thinks we owe them something. Nothing is free in life except to choose to do good or evil. Mr. & Mrs Bates have done and exceptional job taking care of their family.

  4. This is about the Bates YET Jimboob and Michelle weaseled their way in through the intro. I like the Bates because the children aren’t restricted with clothes, hair, or courting. Kelly actually encourages courting slow because she said if they rush and marry 2-3 months later they miss so much. I would pick the Bates over the Duggars anyway.

  5. we’re first watching this series in 2022. As bible-believing, non dedominational Christians, we appreciate the Christian observant DAILY practices, that mom and pop have decided on for running the family. I was second youngest in a family of 11 children, born and raised in New Zealand. now 86 and living in Australia. So much of the shows was a reality in my life even though we were on three dots of land nearest to Antarctica. Believe me there are always stories to tell and make in large families. This shows’ successes are because there is genuine warmth projected in so many ways; politeness to one another is essential and there’s a ‘healthy heaping’ displayed in each episode. One time I was the Supervising TV cameraman in TV and in later years produced 100’s of TV commercials. Based on 25 years of production I commend one and all for excellence of production. a point of little dissatisfaction is the sometimes fast, jerky camera shots. This technique can have serious effects on people with medical conditions.

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