Dancing With The Stars Season 31 from Instagram

‘Dancing With The Stars’ Season 31 Themed Nights Leaked!

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Dancing With The Stars Season 31 will be here on Monday night! Many fans are extremely excited to see all the changes that come along with the new season. But what themed nights can fans look forward to?

Over the years, Disney Night has been a staple along with Halloween Night. Last year, Grease Night, Janet Jackson Night, and Queen Night were just a few of the themes. Keep reading to see the leaks one insider had to share with fans.

Dancing With The Stars Season 31 returns with more themes

Last year, practically every week had a themed night. It’s too soon to tell if that will be the case for Dancing With The Stars Season 31. However, insider Kristyn Burtt reveals that there will be more themed nights to come. She recently tweeted that Week 2 will be Elvis Night. Disney Night has been replaced with Disney+ Night, but it’s probably going to be largely the same concept.

Burtt previously confirmed that there will be a Michael Buble-themed night in October too.

And there’s more good news to share. Viewers on the west coast can watch at the same as viewers on the east coast. Those watching in the Pacific time zone won’t have to hide from online spoilers for hours any longer.

The studio audience will also return once again this year, which is great news for everyone. So far, Season 29 was the only season that operated without a live audience due to the pandemic. The performers admitted that was an incredibly awkward situation, so they’re probably happy about the returning audience.

Are you excited about any of the upcoming planned themed nights? More information will be available coming soon, so stay tuned for more.

The competitors are ready to take the stage

This year, there will be 16 exciting competitors taking the stage. There are so many great teams to vote for!

Dancing With The Stars Season 31 from Instagram
Dancing With The Stars/Instagram

Legally Blonde actress Selma Blair is so thankful for her chance to compete in Dancing With The Stars Season 31. After battling MS, she wasn’t quite sure that she would ever be able to tackle a challenge like DWTS. But she’s here and ready to show the world what she’s made of.

“Walking is much harder for me than when I can get into the groove of settling into dance and fluidity,” the Cruel Intentions actress told Entertainment Tonight. “This is an amazing lesson to use my emotions and body together to unite a little more with the support of Sasha and music.”

In turn, Sasha said he was focused on helping Selma succeed this year. It’s become so much more than a dance competition for this pair.

Who do you plan to vote for this year? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Stay tuned for the latest Dancing With The Stars Season 31 news and be sure to catch the premiere on Monday!

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