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‘Jeopardy!’ Livid Fans Accuse Ken Jennings Of Egregious Moves

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The first controversial ruling of Jeopardy! Season 39 has been made and the jaws of viewers are still on the floor following Ken Jennings’ decision. According to The Sun, hundreds of viewers at home are FURIOUS after Ken allowed a player to correct their answer after previously giving an incorrect answer.

Ken Jennings allows Luigi de Guzman to correct himself

Luigi de Guzman is currently the champ that bled over from Season 38 with four wins under his belt now. He, however, slipped up when answering a question yesterday and said the wrong word. Ken Jennings, however, asked the player to repeat himself by asking him to “say it again” for clarity.  When Luigi de Guzman gave his answer a second time, viewers at home noticed he said an entirely different word.

Jeopardy Execs Brag Big Power Player In Season 39 [Jeopardy | YouTube]
[Jeopardy | YouTube]
Under the category “Cons” for $1000, here was the clue Ken Jennings read: “Here’s a typical early 19th-century landscape by this British painter.”

After buzzing in first, Luigi responded by saying, “Who is: Constant?” His answer was apparently clear to everyone but Ken Jennings who asked him to repeat his answer a second time.

Shaking his head, Luigi de Guzman realized his mistake making sure to correct himself with his answer this time. “I’m sorry. Who is Constable? Constable.”

Including a dramatic pause, Ken Jennings said: “[John] Constable is… Correct. That takes you to $6200.”

Jeopardy! fans furious at judgement call

With Constant and Constable being two entirely different words, viewers at home were furious Ken allowed him to repeat himself with a different answer.

Luigi de Guzman and Ken Jennings’ were blasted all over Twitter as everyone seemed to agree his first answer clearly differed from his second answer. Viewers insisted Luigi should have had to repeat his original answer as opposed to offering a new answer the second time he spoke.

Some viewers noted that if Luigi was allowed the opportunity to correct his answers, the other players should also receive the same benefit. Here’s what more furious viewers had to say:

  • Really surprised Jeopardy! allowed Luigi to straight-up change Constant to Constable.”
  • “I’m pissed at @KenJennings because was unfair tonight on @Jeopardy. He allows Luigi to correct his mistake, and cut off Harriet as she was correcting her mistake… again favoring Luigi! Very obvious to me!”

Overall, viewers at home were in agreement that Ken Jennings made the wrong call allowing Luigi to fix his answer. Did you catch this moment on Jeopardy!? What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

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