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‘Jeopardy!’ Ken Jennings Accused Of Unfair Rulings, Show Rigged?

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Is the game of Jeopardy! just as staged, scripted, and rigged as everything else on television? After some suspicious rulings made by Ken Jennings during Wednesday’s game, viewers are home are questioning if the game show might be rigged. Does production hand pick the champs ahead of time and rig the game so their chosen champs win? Why are viewers insisting they think Jeopardy! might be rigged? Keep reading for the details.

Ken Jennings favors Luigi de Guzman, makes suspicious decisions

As TvShowsAce previously reported, Ken Jennings allowed four-time champ Luigi de Guzman the opportunity to correct himself by playing it off as if he didn’t hear the answer the first time. Viewers pointed out that when one of the other players also found themselves in a similar situation where they accidentally blurted out the wrong word, Ken Jennings cut them off and didn’t allow them to correct themselves.

On Twitter, hundreds of viewers at home were quick to call attention to Ken Jennings for playing favorites toward Luigi de Guzman. Fans noted he was allowing Luigi to correct wrong answers while cutting off other players trying to do the very same thing.

The very obvious favoritism toward Luigi de Guzman has viewers of Jeopardy! not liking the champ very much. One player admitted on Twitter Luigi de Guzman is the first champ they haven’t liked and they really don’t have a good reason for not liking him. Others, however, chimed in to clarify they don’t like him because it doesn’t feel like he’s truly earned his wins.

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Is Jeopardy! rigged and staged?

After Wednesday’s game and Ken Jennings’ suspicious decisions, many viewers said they could not be convinced the game wasn’t rigged. Over the years, viewers have always debated whether or not the show was rigged. For the most part, viewers agreed people just argued the show was rigged when they didn’t like who the winner was. Wednesday’s episode, however, was a different story. Many viewers believe Ken Jennings spun the game to give Luigi an unfair advantage time and time again.

Here’s what some viewers had to say about it:

  • So you dinged her for saying the wrong name because you started to say “incorrect”, but Luigi got to correct his answer and you were okay with that? Jeopardy‘s rigged worse than when Al Riveron was cooking games for the Pats.”
  • Whew, the rulings were sus Ken! One, maybe two, gifts to Luigi, but not for Harriet. #Jeopardy”
  • Luigi gives wrong answer, Ken asks him what, then gives correct answer. Harriet says wrong first name, then while she begins to correct herself Ken interrupts and rules her incorrect. SO INCONSISTENT and unfair.”
  • Jeopardy! Ken Jennings Closes Season 38 With Special Message [YouTube]

Over the years, fans have been pretty quick to defend the game as not being rigged or fixed. Chatter following yesterday’s game, however, suggests fans are pretty united on something being fishy about how Ken Jennings seemingly favored Luigi de Guzman.

Do you think Luigi de Guzman was getting special treatment from Ken Jennings? Could Jeopardy! actually be rigged? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TV news.

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