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Queen Elizabeth II Death Confirmed: What Was Her Net Worth?


As Queen Elizabeth II’s death is confirmed, the world wonders what her net worth was at the time of her passing. Being the longest-reigning monarch in British history, it should come as no surprise that she’s accrued a substantial amount of wealth during her 96 years on this planet.

Multiple sources report Queen Elizabeth II was believed to be worth between $500M and $600M at the time of her passing. According to The Cosmopolitan, the late British monarch had a stamp collection that was worth approximately $115M at the time of her passing. The value of the Queen’s assets are only expected to increase now that she’s passed away.

Queen Elizabeth Youtube

In Touch Weekly reminds us, that Queen Elizabeth II leaves behind so much more than just a $500-$600M net worth. She also leaves behind a legacy for her children, grandchildren, and all citizens of the U.K. How did the British Queen amass such an explosively high net worth? And, what kind of legacy did she leave behind for her family exactly? Keep reading for the details.

Queen Elizabeth II Death Confirmed: Net Worth Explored

Technically, the Crown Estate did belong to Queen Elizabeth II prior to her passing. It, however, is not her private property. The property also does not belong to the government. There is an outside board that owns the property.

According to Forbes, the Crown Estate netted a profit of £475 million back in 2020. Known as the Sovereign Grant, 25 percent of those profits are given to the royal family. So, in 2020 alone the royal family raked in a total of £86.3 million. So, technically Queen Elizabeth II did make money as a whole simply by being the queen. She, however, also has personal assets too. At the time of her passing, the Queen reportedly had over £500 million in personal assets.

Queen Elizabeth Youtube

Does the sudden death of Queen Elizabeth II surprise you? Did you know she was worth between $500-$600M at the time of her passing? Let us know in the comments down below.

Rest in peace, Queen Elizabeth II. The entire world will be mourning your passing today.

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