Did Cheryl Burke Unintentionally SLAM Tyra Banks?

Cheryl Burke from YouTube

Dancing With The Stars veteran Cheryl Burke will be back in the ballroom when Season 31 premieres on September 19. She’s had a pretty rough year amid her split from actor Matthew Lawrence but is laser-focused on her work at the moment.

Show hostess Tyra Banks is also returning this fall, a decision not all fans are wild about. And it seems like a few DWTS castmates may not be overly fond of her either. Cheryl Burke recently had to do some damage control after unintentionally slamming the hostess. See what happened.

Cheryl Burke scrambles to clarify her comments after apparently dissing the hostess

Tom Bergeron hosted Dancing With The Stars up until Season 29. During that time, he made long-lasting relationships with the cast and crew, including many of the pro dancers. Fans were absolutely devastated to learn that the exec team replaced him with Tyra Banks ahead of the Season 29 premiere. But even so, he handled the move with grace and dignity.

Many of the dancers adjusted fine to Tyra’s style. But Cheryl Burke really misses Tom Bergeron. After expressing her desire to see Tom return to DWTS, she had to backtrack and clarify her comments. She didn’t want listeners to misconstrue her words.

Cheryl Burke from YouTube
Cheryl Burke/YouTube

“I respect her very much,” the 38-year-old said in a recent episode of Burke In The Game. “I want to be clear that when I say I would love Tom Bergeron to come back on the show, that doesn’t entail necessarily that Tyra has to be fired or I don’t want Tyra there.”

In another recent interview, Cheryl speculated whether or not elements from the ABC version of the show would “survive” on Disney+. Many listeners speculated she was talking about Tyra Banks again, but Cheryl denied this.

“I was mentioning any new dancer, any new producer, any new hair and makeup person that decides to join Dancing With The Stars,” the veteran pro continued. “They will have, probably, challenges along the way. I didn’t mean if Tyra [in particular] will survive.”

Do you think Cheryl accidentally slammed Tyra here? Or was it just an honest mistake? Be sure to leave your own ideas in the comments.

Other DWTS figures have varying opinions on Tyra’s presence onstage

Fans aren’t the only ones who find Tyra Banks a bit polarizing. Cheryl Burke’s Season 30 partner Cody Rigsby believed so as well.

“Tyra, I feel like was such a polarizing figure,” the Peloton instructor told Us Weekly. “Either you loved her as a host or people were sometimes mad about it. I don’t know. She was great. It was so iconic meeting her and she was such a lovely person so if she wants to do the job, I hope she’s back. If she doesn’t, then somebody else.”

Tyra Banks from Instagram
Tyra Banks/Instagram

Tyra is getting a cohost this year and was reportedly upset about the news. Time will tell how well she shares the stage with Alfonso Ribeiro.

Dancing With The Stars Season 31 premieres live on Disney+ starting September 19! Set your times and don’t forget to check back for the latest news and updates.


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