Lawson Bates’ Wife Tiffany Shares Sweet Photos Of ‘Little Buddy’

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Bringing Up Bates star Lawson Bates’ wife, Tiffany, shared with fans a few adorable shots of her “little buddy.” She couldn’t help but document the special moment and post it on social media for everyone to see. Keep reading to take a look at the beautiful photos.

Tiffany is one of the newest members of the Bates family. She and Lawson Bates tied the knot in May 2022. It looks like she has an especially close relationship with one family member, in particular. So, who is Tiffany’s “little buddy?”

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Tiffany Bates enjoys quality time with her ‘little buddy.’

On her Instagram Stories on Monday morning, Tiffany shared a few special moments with her “little buddy.” In one snap, which you can see below, Tiffany is sitting in the car outside of Chad and Erin Paine’s house. Erin is one of Lawson Bates’ sisters.

Erin and Chad’s son is named Charles Stephen Paine IV, but he goes by Carson. He is seven years old.

In the photos, Carson is running toward Tiffany in the car in the driveway. She captured the moment and wrote, “This sweet boy always runs to see me whenever I come over.” Then, she wrote, “He’s my little buddy.”

He has a huge smile on his face as he greets her.

Lawson Bates Wife Tiffany Bates Instagram Lawson Bates Wife Tiffany Bates Instagram

In another snap, Tiffany poses with her “little buddy” for a picture inside. Tiffany and Carson are each holding two drawings he made for her. Tiffany gushed, “He drew me all these photos too.”

Lawson Bates Wife Tiffany Bates Instagram

In one more snap from her morning at Chad and Erin’s, Tiffany stood outside with four of their five children. Carson, Brooklyn, Everly, and Holland all smiled for the camera. Baby Finley is not pictured.

Lawson Bates’ wife gushed, “It’s safe to say I love these kiddos so much.” Lawson Bates Wife Tiffany Bates Instagram

Are kids in Tiffany & Lawson Bates’ future?

As we previously reported, Tiffany recently opened up to fans on her Instagram Stories during a Q&A session. One fan wanted to know if they are planning on having children someday. It’s still early on in their marriage, but in the Bates family, some of the couples haven’t waited long to start families of their own.

Lawson Bates’ wife didn’t disclose too many details about when that will be, but she simply said, “Yes, of course.” In the meantime, she’s got plenty of nieces and nephews to love on. She seems to have a special bond with Carson but loves all of the kiddos, of course.

So, do you love the bond that Tiffany shares with her nephew, Carson? Do you enjoy seeing photos of Tiffany and Lawson Bates hanging out with their many nieces and nephews? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates family.

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