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Kelly Ripa Confesses Creepy Childhood Fascination

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Kelly Ripa creeped out her co-host Ryan Seacrest. The moment took place on Live With Kelly & Ryan. He was left speechless when she talked about playing with crab carcasses as a little girl. It’s hard to believe that Kelly had a dark side when she was growing up.

On Tuesday’s broadcast, the bubbly talk show host talked about the time when she grew up at the shore. She wanted to know more about Ryan’s childhood. He admitted that he “didn’t have much of one.” It was hard for him to come up with a particular memory to talk about.

Kelly Ripa & Ryan Seacrest [YouTube]

Ryan Seacrest isn’t good at marine biology

Kelly Ripa dissed Ryan during that same broadcast. He talked about the time when he walked on the beach on Long Island. On one side of the beach, there’s a bay that had a picture of something he’s “never seen before.” Ryan showed a picture and said he saw “deer” walking along the beach.

Kelly Ripa laughed and corrected him. “Those are Christ deers,” she said. It’s no secret that Ryan isn’t good at marine biology. He can’t tell the difference between crabs and stingrays. This was revealed during a previous episode where he co-hosted with celebrity guest host Ali Wentworth.

Kelly Ripa & Ryan Seacrest [YouTube]
During this episode, Ryan said his dog, Georgia, went out to the water with him. Then, he holds up another photo of something else he found. Kelly Ripa gasped: “Oh, it’s a horseshoe crab!” Ryan argued: “No, it’s a sting ray!”

Kelly added; “No, that’s a horseshoe crab, not a stingray!” Ryan said that they both ran off the bay and onto the street so they wouldn’t get stung. He wanted to know how Kelly could tell the difference between the two.

Kelly Ripa rolled her eyes. She then said that a horseshoe crab doesn’t sting. Ryan spoke into the camera that he and his dog have plans for the weekend now. He felt good about walking to the bay again. The audience cracked up.

Kelly Ripa shares a disturbing childhood story

Kelly Ripa shared the details of her childhood while growing up at the shore. She said that she would collect crab carcasses and stack them. Ryan was horrified as he looked at her. The American Idol host didn’t know what to say.

This comes after Ryan thought a horseshoe crab in the bay was a stingray crab. Kelly Ripa thought it was a good time to bring up her creepy childhood fascination. The soap actress confessed what she would do with them.

Kelly Ripa & Ryan Seacrest [YouTube]
“When you grew up at the Jersey Shore half of the fun was picking up the carcasses of the dead horseshoe crabs and stacking them on top of each other,” Kelly Ripa said with a weird smile on her face. “Turning them into a fort was a lot of fun.”

Ryan was stunned by her childhood hobby. He laughed and said: “Well, they’re growing to the size of sting rays now, Kelly.” Once again, the audience laughed. What are your thoughts on Kelly’s childhood hobby? Sound off below in the comment section.

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