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Matt & Tori Roloff On Speaking Terms Again?

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LPBW fans could cut the tension with a knife any time Matt Roloff and Tori were in the same room after the Roloff Farms deal fell through. It has been a little while now since the season aired and even longer since the last season was filmed, so fans are curious as to whether Matt has mended the broken bridge between himself, Zach, and Tori. Recent Instagram activity suggests Tori’s cold shoulders toward her father-in-law may be starting to warm up. Are they on speaking terms again, though? Let’s dig into it.

Are Matt and Tori Roloff on speaking terms again?

Tori Roloff revealed that Jackson started his first day of kindergarten at the end of August. Tori couldn’t believe that she was the mother of a kindergartener. She was sad her baby wasn’t a baby anymore. Her heart, however, was swollen with joy. LPBW fans, however, were a bit surprised when they took a look at the comments of her posts and spotted none other than Matt Roloff.

As LPBW fans know, Matt Roloff absolutely adores Jackson. Moreover, he was very close to the little guy. Zach, however, threw a wedge between Matt and his grandson when the farm deal fell apart. Fans had mixed feelings as some thought he shouldn’t keep his children from their grandfather. Other fans, however, wondered if Zach knew something about his father that the rest of the world didn’t know. Was he just keeping his children away from their grandfather because he was toxic? In Zach’s defense, some fans argued there was nothing wrong with Zach protecting his children.

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Matt Tori and Zach Roloff/Credit: TLC YouTube

Matt Roloff completely ghosted Instagram following the Finale of the last season. The season didn’t paint Matt in a great light and he was completely alone and cast out of the family. He made a decision no one was in favor and it caused them to push him away. While he did surface to reveal his father passed away and to update on his mother, he hasn’t had much to say since. So, fans were surprised to see him pop into the comments of Tori’s post.

Matt Roloff says Jackson isn’t a baby anymore

Popping into the comments, Matt Roloff said he was sorry to tell Tori, but Jackson was not a baby anymore. His post included a sad face. Fans were quick to correct Matt noting that it didn’t matter how old Jackson became, he would always be her baby.

Sadly, Tori Roloff did not reply to Matt’s comment. She, however, did like the comment. So, she acknowledged it even if she had nothing to say to him.

Jackson Roloff - Instagram
Jackson Roloff – Instagram

Not responding to the comment leads fans to believe Tori is still not ready to carry on a casual and friendly conversation with her father-in-law. So, there still appears to be some tension. It, however, also appears as though Matt is trying to mend the broken bridge between them.

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