‘MBFFL’ Fans Accuse Whitney Way Thore Of Violating Boundaries

Whitney Way Thore from TLC

Does Whitney Way Thore have an issue with boundaries? My Big Fat Fabulous Life viewers really love Whitney’s confidence and spirit. However, fans online recently noted that she sometimes pushes things a little too far. Some even think her behavior is inappropriate at times.

But which scenes specifically are problematic? Keep reading to see what Redditors had to say on the subject.

Does Whitney Way Thore have consent issues?

Many people agree that there’s nothing wrong with a little consensual physical affection now and then. But some My Big Fat Fabulous Life viewers believe that Whitney Way Thore crosses that line multiple times on the show.

Whitney Way Thore from TLC
Whitney Way Thore/TLC

“It’s not ok to touch,” one Redditor posted in a new thread this week. “Why does she think it’s ok to always be touching her male friends in inappropriate ways. She was always making Buddy rub something and leading him on. There was a couch scene last season I thought I was going to puke and she was with ‘chase’ at the time. Then she’s naked and asking her employee to scratch her back. If I went back to season 1 and rewatched I know there’s more.”

Many Redditors agreed that there were many examples of Whitney touching people without direct consent.

“I think she’s seeking affirmation that she is desirable. Even if that means forcing herself on men,” another user wrote.

Whitney Way Thore/YouTube
Whitney Way Thore/TLC

“Not just her male friends. She tried to touch the male Polynesian dancers in Hawaii, too, and they told her ‘no,'” someone else chimed in. Other Redditors replied that Whitney ignored the dancers and touched them anyway.

Do you think the TLC star has an issue with touching and consent? Leave your ideas in the comments.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans want more information on Babs

Viewers love Whitney, but they also love her mother Babs. That’s why it was so alarming for many to hear that Babs suffered a pretty serious stroke.

But the good news is that Babs’ condition seems to be improving. The new episodes of My Big Fat Fabulous Life were filmed months ago, so fans are just now seeing the struggles the family faced together. Whitney routinely lets fans know that her mother is doing well and working on the recovery process.

Babs’ condition was very serious, but viewers are incredibly thankful that it wasn’t worse. Hopefully, she continues to make remarkable progress and regains her health.

Stay tuned for more stories on Whitney Way Thore and My Big Fat Fabulous Life. New episodes air on Tuesday nights at 10 PM and also stream on Discovery+. Don’t forget to check in and see what’s going on with the TLC star next!

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