Katie Maloney Was No-Show At Scheana Shay’s Wedding?

Katie Maloney Was A No-Show At Scheana Shay's Wedding? [WWHL | YouTube]

Katie Maloney was reportedly a no-show at Scheana Shay’s wedding to Brock Davies. The event had its share of romantic and dramatic moments. TV Shows Ace previously reported that Raquel Leviss and Tom Schwartz were rumored to have hooked up at the reception.

Both of them had too much to drink, which lead them to make out. Other things also happened that night. This comes off the heels of Katie’s split from Schwartz, which took place in March. She wasn’t impressed as evidenced by her Instagram posts, and now there are more details about her reaction.

Katie Maloney Is Back Home [Katie Maloney | Instagram Stories]
[Katie Maloney | Instagram Stories]

Still in love with Tom Schwartz?

Apparently, Katie Maloney still has feelings for her estranged husband. She was seen “screaming” at Schwartz after she found out what happened between him and Raquel. Prior to then, she caught them “heavily making out.” Even though the two are just good friends, the situation didn’t go well.

An insider told Hollywood Life what happened during that scene, which may air on Vanderpump Rules Season 10. Katie was the one who caught Raquel and Schwartz getting romantic at the wedding. It could be the reason why she didn’t attend Scheana’s wedding. She decided to have a girls’ weekend before returning home.

Katie Maloney Skips Scheana Shay's Wedding [Katie Maloney | Instagram Stories]
[Katie Maloney | Instagram Stories]
“Prior to the actual ceremony, the day of, I saw Tom and Raquel heavily making out in the cenote, which is an underwater cave,” the anonymous source told Hollywood Life. “Several other people did too as it was not that private of an area. Katie went off and cameras were rolling on the entire thing. She was screaming at them, and they were yelling back.”

Schwartz and Raquel were already getting cozy lately. Sparks took place at Scheana and Brock’s Welcome Wedding White Party on Saturday, August 21. They couldn’t keep their “make-out sessions private.” However, the bubbly stars had a hard time keeping it to themselves.

Katie Maloney was a no-show at Scheana’s wedding

Raquel and Schwartz couldn’t stop making out that weekend. That same source saw them kissing “in the spa area.” They couldn’t stop touching and kissing. Even though Katie Maloney was the one who filed for divorce, she doesn’t approve of this pairing.

What’s even more awkward is that Raquel’s ex-fiance James Kennedy attended the event. Fans have wondered why Katie Maloney was a no-show at Scheana’s wedding. They assumed the two friends had a falling out. Scheana has been pushing for Raquel and Schwartz to date, as noted in her Scheananigans podcast.

Katie Maloney's Girls Trip  [Katie Maloney | Instagram]
[Katie Maloney | Instagram]
Raquel and Schwartz didn’t stop showing their feelings toward one another. They also made out during the “after-party,” the eyewitness said. Katie skipped the after-party, while James was having a good time spinning music for everyone. He was in a good mood and didn’t let the drama affect him.

What are your thoughts on Katie Maloney skipping Scheana Shay’s wedding? Do you think she still has feelings for Schwartz? Can you see Schwartz and Raquel dating? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Oh my word…how pathetic is it that Raquel, who Katie defended on numerous occasions when James was being an ass to her, is now in the arms of Tom🙄 with that being said(and sad) Raquel MAY BE Tom’s perfect match😂 Katie has always been better than Tom, she’s struggled and fought for him and her marriage to no avail😔 and the question of “does she still have feelings for Tom”… of course she does, cmon peeps😏

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