Kim Kardashian Reveals She Didn’t Love Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian | Youtube

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson broke up a couple of weeks ago after being together for a long nine months. However, it may not have been everything Pete thought it was. Kim is now revealing she may not have really been driven by love in her relationship.

Kim Kardashian gets real

It sounds like after some time to reflect on her relationship, Kim Kardashian isn’t quite sure that she was in love during her nine-month-long relationship with the comedian. In fact, she thinks the relationship was driven by lust instead Geo TV reports.

“Kim is single and ready to mingle. She does not want to get locked into anything right now. Her feelings for Pete were so strong but she knows now that it was lust that she was driven by and not love,” a source says.

So, it seems that Kim may have just been looking for a rebound after Kanye, and not someone to marry right away. As for finding love in the future, it doesn’t seem that Kim wants any of that either. Right now, she is happy just having fun and doing whatever she wants. It seems it could be a while before Kim settles down again.

“Love takes time and right now Kim doesn’t have the time to invest in anything serious. So, while she focuses on her billion-dollar empire, including the launching of her new ear pods brand, she is going to have fun,” the source reports.

Kim Kardashian | Youtube
Kim Kardashian | Youtube

What is Pete up to now?

Of course, the breakup has likely been hard on the comedian. It seems that for Pete it may have been much more serious than it was for Kim K. However, he seems to be doing a good job distracting himself. In fact, a source says, that he is just working on how he can make himself happy now that Kim is gone.

“He has a hugely ambitious streak. Pete wants to continue his standup comedy routine, challenge himself with new acting roles,” the source reveals. “He enjoyed the experience in Australia a lot, really bonded with the cast and crew and is excited about the future.”

Hopefully, Pete is able to pick himself up and get past Kim Kardashian. After all, there are already rumors of Pete and Martha Stewart getting together!

Kim Kardashian | Youtube
Kim Kardashian | Youtube

Do you like Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson together? Or, did you think it was an odd couple? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more on all of your favorite Kardashian family members and all of their drama!

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  1. When you have a relationship built only on the physical, that relationship will not survive and that is what it seems they had a sex thing. Pete wasn’t in kim league anyway.

    1. Correction: Kim isn’t in Pete’s league. Pete is real and genuine, and that is the opposite of Kim. Also, Kim wasn’t in the relationship bc of lust, she was in it for publicity. Just to get that fact straight.

  2. They were a funny looking couple to begin with. She had no business in the first place. Her energy should have been on her 4 kids not someday mam project. He tatted their names on his neck, who does that?? He’s not their father or step father

  3. There is NO reason she had to make that public. Shows what type of person she really is. Self absorbed

  4. Just because they are public figures does NOT GIVE US A RIGHT TO PASS JUDGEMENT on who they are as people. So because Kim is beautiful, she is automatically a shallow person? Unless you have walked a day in her shoes, lose the judgement. Jealousy is not becoming young ladies. It simply isn’t necessary.

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