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Kanye West Shows Off In Ripped Hoodie Amid Kim K. Drama

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Kanye West may be at the center of some drama right now, but it doesn’t look like he has a care in the world. The rapper is walking around in a ripped, purple sweatshirt, showing off his fashionable yet nonchalant fashion.

Kanye West struts his stuff

Despite all the drama he is involved in, Kanye West is still out and about showing off all of his interesting and favorite fashion choices. This time, Hollywood Life reports that he is rocking a ripped, purple hoodie. It seems to be an outfit that really only Kanye himself could pull off.

Apparently, the rapper was out and about at Giorgio Bald. Of course, Giorgio Bald is a very expensive Italian restaurant. It seems that Kanye would have dressed up more for a fancy dinner. However, knowing him, it was probably a very expensive ripped-up, purple hoodie. View the photos here.

All of this comes at an interesting time. Kanye West is involved in quite a bit of drama right now as he says he is the reason that Kim and Pete broke up. He claims that Kim wants to get back with him. However, he claims he doesn’t share the same sentiment.

Kanye West | Youtube
Kanye West | Youtube

Will he leave the next boyfriend alone?

Now that Kim and Pete Davidson have broken up, some old memories are coming back up to the surface and being addressed. For example, Kim wants to make sure Kanye never treats another boyfriend the same way he treated Pete. When Kim and Pete first started dating, Kanye constantly harassed Pete. He even went as far as to make a threatening music video about the comedian.

Now, Kim isn’t letting this happy again. According to a source, she let Kanye know she doesn’t want this to ever happen again.

“Kim has spoken to Kanye about the way he treated Pete on several occasions,” a source shares. “She explained how difficult he made things for her and she hopes he would treat her next relationship with complete respect.”

It seems that Kim doesn’t want Kanye to have any control over her life anymore.

“What he did to Pete was uncalled for and although she has her apprehensions, she isn’t going to let Kanye control her life.”

It is probably hard for Kim to actually trust Kanye to not treat the next one the same. However, for now, Kim is staying single so it seems she won’t have too much to worry about.

“She’s not dating at the moment, but if it happens, it happens. However, it won’t be a decision she takes lightly,” the insider added.

Pete Davidson | Youtube
Pete Davidson | Youtube

Do you think Kanye West will leave Kim Kardashian’s future boyfriend alone? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more on your favorite Kardashian family members and all of their drama!

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