‘Below Deck’ Adam Glick’s New Look Dubbed ‘Creepy’ By Fans

Below Deck Adam Glick's New Look Dubbed Creepy By Fans

Below Deck Mediterranean alum Adam Glick’s new look has been dubbed “creepy” by fans. It’s a far cry from how he used to look on the show. However, it’s been a few years since Adam last appeared on the Bravo series. He first appeared in Seasons 2 and 3 of Below Deck Med.

His first season wasn’t without its share of drama. Fans know Adam for #Oniongate, in which he left onion in a charter guest’s food when his preference sheet requested for no onions. Adam was also involved in a love triangle with Malia White and Wes Walton. Also, Malia and Adam knew each other before they joined the crew.

He left Below Deck Med and took a break from the series to cook, travel, and launch his own collection of knives. Adam returned on the premiere season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, but his career interfered with his relationship with Jenna MacGillivray. Adam left the reality circuit behind and spends most of his time in the great outdoors.

Adam Glick Shocks With New Look [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]

See what Adam Glick looks like today

One fan was lucky enough to run into him in his travels. The fan account Below Deck Above Average shared a new photo of Adam earlier this week. Adam looked different with his much longer hair, which he dyed blonde. He also rocked a scruffy beard during the sighting.

Adam took a photo with the fan as he promoted his Adventure Chef Knife Collection. He grew the brand after he left the franchise. The former yacht chef wore a black hooded sweatshirt. The fan was very happy to see him.

Adam Glick With Fan [Credit: Izzy Vielma-Reyes | Instagram]
[Credit: Izzy Vielma-Reyes | Instagram]
It appears that Adam has rocked this look for a while except his hair was brunette. In November 2021, he posted a series of photos on his Instagram feed that promoted Stanley Drinkware and cookware. In the lengthy Instagram caption, Adam said he’s embraced the need for a simpler life while living in a cabin. Check out the professional shots for yourself here.

Below Deck fans call his new look “creepy”

One Below Deck alum was into Adam’s new look. Ashling Lorger called him “hot.” That wasn’t the case with the fans. Most of them cracked jokes about his “creepy” look. They don’t like seeing him embrace his rugged side. Here are just some of the comments:

  • “That figures he would have a knife line since he loves stabbing girls in the back. As you can tell I am not a fan.”
  • “He’s got the creep factor.”
  • “Haha- in that pic he looks like the last guy who should have knives.”
  • “He looks homeless.”
  • “Was he cutting up onions?!”

However, some fans agreed with Ashling that he looked “smoking hot with that hair.” Others remarked that they never liked him on Below Deck. What are your thoughts on Adam’s new look? Is it hot or not? Do you miss him on Below Deck? Sound off below in the comment section.

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