Wait, Does Amy Roloff Have A Tattoo?

Amy Roloff, YouTube

Little People, Big World fans are asking whether Amy Roloff has a tattoo. She recently shared a picture of herself that got fans talking. And some of them began to question what they actually know about the TLC star. So, does she have a tattoo?

Because Amy is on her family’s reality TV show, not many parts of her life are kept private. Plus, she’s often posting photos and videos of herself on YouTube and social media. This makes it difficult for her to keep anything a secret.

So, fans feel like they would know if she had a tattoo.

Amy Roloff, YouTube

Amy Roloff sparks a tattoo discussion.

On Instagram this week, Amy posted a throwback photo of herself with Matt Damon on the red carpet back in 2017. You can see the photo below.

Amy Roloff Instagram

Noticeably, Amy Roloff has a rose tattoo on her bicep.

Fans took to Reddit to discuss this because they don’t recall seeing it before. LPBW fans quickly realized that it was either henna or a temporary tattoo done for Beauty and the Beast. 

One fan confirmed that it is henna and said, “She had it done at the premiere of Beauty and the Beast in 2017.”

But there is even more proof that Amy does not have a rose tattoo.

Is the rose tattoo real or fake?

In July 2022, Amy uploaded a new cooking video to her YouTube channel. In the video, she is wearing a sleeveless top, which fully exposes her upper arms where the tattoo was shown previously.

Take a look at the snaps below from July that show Amy Roloff does not have a tattoo on her upper arms.

Amy Roloff YouTube

So, the rose tattoo is not real.

Does Amy Roloff have a tattoo?

However, Amy Roloff does have a tattoo. When she was celebrating her 50th birthday, she told People her plans to get a tattoo. This was also discussed on TLC’s LPBW. 

Her tattoo is on the back of her shoulder and says, “Four + more.” It features a floral border.

Talking about the tattoo to People, Amy Roloff said:

“Daisies are my favorite flower and of course a rose or roses. Being a mom to four kids is the most significant event and gifts of my life. Where I was and am in my life right now there is more to Amy and life. More life to live, experience, to give, to do and love. The heart is for love – no matter what happens, always love and reminds me that Jesus loves me as well.”

You can see a photo of the tattoo here.

So, did you think that Amy Roloff’s rose tattoo was real? Did you know about her other tattoo? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Roloff family. Below, you can watch a Little People, Big World clip of Amy telling her daughter-in-law Audrey about her tattoo plans.

Aubrey Chorpenning

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