Katey & Jed Duggar Admit They Went Too Far Before Marriage

Katey and Jed Duggar YOuTube

Former Counting On star Jed Duggar and his wife, Katey Nakatsu, admitted that they went too far before they got married. The couple talked about their relationship and how they handled physical touch before marriage. Keep reading to get all of the details and see what they spilled.

If you didn’t know, Jed and Katey got married in April 2021. They have since welcomed a baby boy, Truett Oliver, to the world.

Katey and Jed Duggar Instagram

Though Counting On was canceled, the couple still keeps fans updated via social media and YouTube. In their latest YouTube video, they took fans on a walk down memory lane and shared the details about how their relationship began.

Katey & Jed Duggar confess to going too far before marriage.

In their video, Jed and Katey also discuss how they handled physical touch before they got married. They both thought it was very important to save their first kiss for marriage. About this decision, Katey says, “It was perfect for us.” 

When they started their relationship long-distance, they still decided to set physical boundaries because they would see each other in person at times. Jed Duggar makes it clear that their parents didn’t tell them what to do or what not to do. They decided for themselves.

However, it sounds like keeping the PDA to a minimum wasn’t so easy for the couple.

Katey and Jed Duggar YOuTube

Jed says, “Was it hard to stick to them? Yes. Did we stick to them 100%? No.”

He explains that there were times they had to “go before God and say, ‘God, forgive us for this or that.’”

Katey chimes in and says, “It’s really easy to just, as you get closer and fall in love more and more to just kind of slide into things that maybe you didn’t want to do or you might regret.” 

Katey and Jed Duggar YOuTube

Then, Jed Duggar’s wife continues and says that there were times when they had to sit down and have honest conversations about this. She says they would admit, “I think we’ve just been getting way too close lately. We need to pull it back a little bit.” 

To handle this, Katey and Jed Duggar cried and prayed about it. 

You can watch the full YouTube video here or find it below.

So, does it surprise you that Katey and Jed Duggar admitted to going too far before they were married? What do you think of their love story? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggar family.

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    1. Then they should keep it to themselves. They posted a video which makes it everyone’s (that watched the video) business. If they want privacy, then they should keep it to themselves.

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