’90 Day Fiancé’ Mohamed Caught Cheating, Yve Responds

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Ever since 90 Day Fiance stars Yve Arellano and Mohamed Abdelhamed’s story aired on the show, fans have been wary about his intentions in the relationship. However, it seems like the relationship has only gotten messier with time. Now, Mohamed admitted to doing something that has the fans questioning her real motives.

90 Day Fiance Mohamed Admits To Cheating During Tell All Part 2

He admitted to cheating on Yve during 90 Day Fiance Tell All Season 9 Part 2. He revealed that he texted other women without Yve knowing about it. As per InTouch Weekly, the massage therapist didn’t hold back in slamming her ex after she learned of this cheating.

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On August 21, the Albuquerque native took to her Instagram Stories and wrote, “Let me be clear. Of course, I blame him as well. First time I get to say anything, though. Everyone was demanding I say something and finally get to. So just take it as facts, and one of these women was still married as well.”

Following the couple’s marriage in Season 9’s finale episode, this cheating revelation did shake up the 48-year-old, after which she shared several quotes on her Instagram Stories. While one reads, “Queens don’t compete with hoes,” another reads, “And home wreckers, They, these!!!! Plural were both! #desperado.”

Mohamed Confirms His ‘Green Card’ Motive

During the Tell All Part 2, Yve came across the text message exchanged between Mohamed & another woman.

A part of the text message from the unknown woman read, “I seriously can’t wait to actually meet you.”

To this, Mohamed replied, “I will go to the attorney right after I get the green card.”

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As the episode came towards its end, the acupuncture specialist said, “You know, it’s very shocking, raw, disappointing, saddening. He chose to spend his time focused on starting other relationships and engaging in activity that a married man should not be engaging in. … I asked him if I could see his phone, and that happened, and I saw inappropriate things. I saw pictures and calls, and put the pieces together.” 

However, Mohamed did reply and gave a description of what happened in his confessional. He recalled, “I met a girl online. She was very nice. I thought we [were] friends… and then, things started to get bigger. Yve saw my phone. She saw the text messages, and that’s how Yve knew.”

90 Day Fiancé Mohamed Cries On Camera

TLC also revealed other parts of the text messages. One of these conversations from Mohamed to the woman read, “I would just keep you in bed for days.”

This was followed by another text that read, “Just kidding lol [sic].”

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However, before he concluded the confessional, he said that he wished to make the situation right. He wanted to tell the unknown woman that he could not continue to talk to them anymore. As Mohamed wiped his tears, he said, “I texted these women and told them, ’I am a married man. Please stop texting me. I know I did wrong.’”

The 25-year-old further added, “I told the same story to my wife and promised her that it would never happen again. I do love Yve, and she doesn’t deserve that.”

Do you think Yve and Mohamed’s relationship was doomed from the start? Is Mohamed really repenting his actions? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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