‘Jeopardy!’ Bids Adieu To Its 21-Year-Long Tradition

Jeopardy!, with the late Alex Trebek, was an era of excellence, entertainment, and brilliance for game show fans. Although the game show brought in talented hosts after Alex Trebek’s passing, he was a legend nonetheless. Moreover, he was the one to introduce the globe-trekking Clue Crew for the game show. However, the beloved crew has now been officially disbanded, ending an era of Trebek’s Jeopardy! tradition.

The End Of An Era: Jeopardy!’s Clue Crew Disbanded

With a rare candid picture of Alex Trebek, the makers paid tribute to the late host. They also confirmed the end of the Clue Crew. Currently, the game show is on its summer break and is airing reruns until the upcoming season is ready for broadcast on September 17. Ken Jennings will be hosting until January. This will be followed by Mayim Bialik taking over the hosting duties depending on her schedule.

Sarah Whitcomb Foss Clue Crew YouTube

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Sadly, Clue Crew won’t be part of Jeopardy! Season 39. The fun Clue Crew team comprised of four members that were especially hand-picked by Alex back in 2001 from 5000+ participants. The roving field correspondents would appear in videos that were used for clues from Antarctica to the giant keyboard that features in the popular 1988 movie Big.

Jimmy McGuire Clue Crew YouTube

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As per The Sun, the official confirmation of the crew being disbanded came from two of the original members. The statement was penned by the duo Sarah Whitcomb Foss and Jimmy McGuire. While Sarah will continue working as Jeopardy! producer, Jimmy will be the stage manager for the game show. The duo looked back on their time filming on-screen video clues from more than 300 cities, 46 countries, and 50+ states over 7 continents. They penned a moving note for the show’s website.

Clue Crew Members Sarah & Jimmy Traveled With Late Alex Trebek

The Clue Crew also traveled with the late Alex, who loved traveling.

In their emotional note, loaded with pictures and memories of the past, Sarah mentioned,

“To think of not continuing to travel the world with Jimmy is certainly sad. But I’m just so thankful that I had a chance to go on the ride I did with the best partner in television.”

Jimmy and Sarah also shared how the late host loved to join them in their exploration of “some of the most pivotal events in history.”

Clue Crew Jeopardy! YouTube

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“We did clues once from the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, and we were the only ones inside. We filmed in a secret passageway that she had hidden in. And it was never lost on me that I got to step back in time and be in these important places in history to share stories through the clues our writers had written for the show.” shared Sarah.

With the Clue Crew being disbanded, fans will surely miss the group and its talented members. What do you feel about the Clue Crew coming to an end? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Priyanka Chandrakar


  1. Oh what a shame. It was always so interesting waching their presentations. I remember more after I see something.

  2. Every Time I think of the clue crew I think of Kelly. Even more so a couple of weeks ago on weakest link there she was as a contestant blowing out the competition until they got afraid of her and made her the………… Weakest link

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