Does Amy Roloff’s Husband Chris Marek Have Aerophobia?

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Wait, does Amy Roloff’s husband Chris Marek suffer from aerophobia? Little People, Big World fans are starting to think that might be the case after doing a bit of deep diving into Amy Roloff’s travels. What is aerophobia exactly and why do they think Chris Marek might suffer from it?

Little People, Big World: What is aerophobia?

First things first, what is aerophobia? Ending in the word “phobia” it is safe to assume this is related to having an irrational fear of something. Aerophobia is defined as an “extreme fear of flying in an airplane.” Turns out, a person suffering from this phobia can be afraid of any aspect of being on a plane including taking off, landing, or flying. Aerophobia can also be defined as someone who has an extreme fear of flying in general. This means the person could also be afraid of flying but not afraid of the actual airplane.

Chris Marek - YouTube
Chris Marek – YouTube

So, why do Little People, Big World fans think Chris Marek might suffer from aerophobia?

Why do fans think Chris Marek has aerophobia?

As those who follow LPBW news know, Amy Roloff recently took a trip to Michigan. She spent some time with her father. She visited her mother’s grave. And, she attended her nephew’s wedding. At the end of her trip, she posted how much she couldn’t wait to return home to her husband, Chris. Fans admitted they were a bit perplexed. Why did Chris Marek just go with her on the trip?

Looking back, the last time Amy Roloff traveled to Michigan to see her family her husband Chris Marek also didn’t go on that trip. Now, this isn’t because Chris Marek has an issue with traveling. Chris Marek loves going on road trips with his wife. He, however, seems to conveniently opt out of trips any time they involve an airplane. This got fans wondering: Was it just a coincidence that he was never able to travel with his wife when the trip involved a plane? Or, was he avoiding these trips because he suffered from aerophobia?

Chris Marek and Amy Roloff

In the comments of Amy Roloff’s Instagram post, fans were actually pretty bothered that Chris Marek didn’t make this trip with her. Fans wondered if his absence could have meant they were having marital issues. Fans, however, really love this couple and hoped there was some other explanation. And, that hope is where this theory came from.

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