‘DWTS’: Sharna Burgess SLAMS Rumors That She’s A Sellout

Sharna Burgess from Good Morning America

Dancing With The Stars fans really love Sharna Burgess. The Season 27 champion easily wins fans over with her warm, bubbly personality. However, a few of her fans recently started taking issue with the kind of content she posts online. They’ve even started accusing her of being a “sellout.”

Now, Sharna is standing up for herself and clapping back at certain fans. Keep reading to see what she had to say.

Sharna Burgess shuts down accusations from fans

Since Sharna Burgess has a fairly large social media following, brands often reach out to her for sponsorship deals. Like many other DWTS pros, she occasionally does run promos for these brands online. But after giving birth to her son Zane, fans noticed that she does more sponsorships than usual.

Earlier this week, Sharna revealed she’s been getting rude messages from fans that accuse her of being a “sellout.” The fans alleged that Sharna was only interested in doing promos now and they didn’t care for it. At the time, the 37-year-old dancer was more gentle and said that she wasn’t being a sellout. She was simply trying to earn a living for her son.

But now, she’s done being so courteous.

Sharna Burgess from Us Weekly
Sharna Burgess/YouTube

“Agree w/the comments you only do ads now. You sold out,” one follower replied to Sharna’s story. However, the Australian dancer was not going to stand for the insult. She issued a response and posted it on her Instagram story.

“Actually this giveaway is out of my own pocket and not sponsored or paid for by anyone. Except me,” Sharna clapped back. “I just wanted to share what I genuinely had packed in my hospital bag and give it to someone who needs it. But you go ahead and keep being a bag of dicks. While you’re at it unfollow me.”

Sharna Burgess from Instagram
Sharna Burgess/Instagram

Do you agree with Sharna or the fan here? Is she too focused on running ads? Or is she just using her social media for the same purposes as the other pros? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

The dancer chooses not to put pressure on herself

After a new mother gives birth, there tends to be a lot of societal pressure to lose the baby weight. But Sharna Burgess isn’t going to fall for that. Instead, she’s focusing on her health and wellness according to her own schedule. The postpartum recovery journey was long for her and she won’t be working according to anyone else’s standards.

Sharna Burgess from Instagram
Sharna Burgess/Instagram

“Honestly, I thought I would [feel pressure]. I thought it would because of having been an athlete and my body being my career — it’s not just about aesthetics on the outside, it’s about how my core feels to be able to dance and do what I do. I thought I would feel that pressure,” the Australian dancer told Us Weekly. “[But] I don’t have pressure on myself.”

Sharna also said that she would like to come back to DWTS if her doctors will clear her. Stay tuned for more information.

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