‘The Bachelorette’: Why Logan Palmer Is Forced To Go Home Week 6

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Previews for the upcoming week of The Bachelorette have fans wondering what in the world could be going on with Logan Palmer. He is the only man both women have been into. However, Rachel Recchia seemed into him so Gabby Windey backed off. He just told Rachel last Monday he wanted to switch to team Gabby and Gabby welcomed him with open arms. Of course, she talked to Rachel first. However, now, Jesse is telling him to pack his bags in the preview for week 6. What could have possibly gone wrong? Keep reading to find out spoilers!

Why does Logan Palmer get sent home in week 6?

Many fans may know that Rachel and Gabby’s Men Tell All special was filmed on August 11 in California. During that taping, there were three hot seat contestants. One of those was Logan Palmer. It was then that it was discovered before this upcoming Monday night why Logan was sent home. Reality Steve went to his blog to share the news.

The situation seemed serious during the preview and nobody seemed to know what in the world could have happened. Now, the mystery is solved.

logan and Rachel via Insta

It turns out that Logan’s Bachelorette journey was cut short with  Gabby because he came down with Covid. Since he contracted Covid on their journey he was forced to pack his bags and leave. So, unfortunately, his journey to find love with Gabby was cut unexpectedly short.

Fans will learn more about what went down next week on the show and also during the Men Tell All.

Logan and Gabby via Insta

Logan’s story

Logan has been getting a bad wrap for changing his mind about Rachel and deciding to pursue Gabby. There are many who think it was dirty and that he was stringing Rachel along week after week. Now, many had wondered if he would end up doing the same with Gabby.

The men were also not quite sure what to make of the sudden flip to team Gabby.

So, let’s get to know Logan a little bit better. Logan is 26 and originally from Phoenix. However, he now lives in San Diego. He is a “Creative professional and filmmaker working to bring life to brands, tell important stories, and deliver stunning visuals in the world of production.”

He is ready to settle down and find a girl who is artsy and low maintenance. Logan is goofy and isn’t afraid to skinny dip.

What do you think about Logan on The Bachelorette? Are you surprised Covid ended his journey?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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