‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Tried To Slide Into Rachel Recchia’s DM’s

Rachel Recchia and Mystery Man via YouTube

One contestant on The Bachelorette is definitely all in on Rachel Recchia. In fact, he actually started his attraction to her while she was on The Bachelor with Clayton Echard. So, who tried to slide into Rachel’s DM’s after a few glasses of wine? Keep reading to find out more.

Bachelorette contestant slid into Rachel’s DM’s

After a few episodes of The Bachelor Tyler Norris knew he was interested in Rachel Recchia. She had not even been announced as The Bachelorette and he hadn’t been cast for the upcoming season yet. So, why did he DM her?

Bachelor Nation shared what Tyler had to say about his DM to Rachel on Click Bait with Bachelor Nation. He said, “The only season that I really watched every single episode was Clayton’s season. Ultimately, after that one, I got asked to do the show. I have a funny story about that too. I remember after the second episode, I was about two bottles of wine deep and I thought since the day she got out of the limo that Rachel was gorgeous.”

He continued, “I was like, ‘Why don’t I just DM her on Instagram?’ So I DMed her after the second week. I said, ‘Hey, if things don’t work out with Clayton and you ever end up as the Bachelorette, sign me up because I would love to pursue you.’ Then a week later, I got a call that I had been nominated for the show and I was asked if I wanted to do it.”

Tyler went on to say that to his knowledge Rachel never saw the DM. He did admit to talking to her about it during their one-on-one time together. She said she was going to go look back at her messages and see.

Tyler Norris via Insta

Has Tyler always been all in on Rachel?

Since Tyler admitted to sending Rachel a DM was he completely just into her? He said he was definitely 100% there for Rachel. With that being said, Tyler did say Gabby Windey is also amazing and he did want a chance to talk to her. However, if it came down to immediately choosing one of the women to get to know it would have been Rachel for sure.

Tyler got some extra time with Rachel this week which was great for him. He has said it was really important for him to get to know Rachel for who she is not just who she is on television.

What do you think about Tyler sending Rachel a drunken DM? Do you think they make a good couple?

Stay tuned for more updates on The Bachelorette. 


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