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Jeremy Roloff Says ‘Overlords’ Allowed Him To Return

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Matt Roloff’s son Jeremy praised the “overlords” for allowing him to return to Instagram this week. As some Little People, Big World fans may have noticed, Jeremy hasn’t been nearly as active on Instagram as his wife Audrey. Turns out, the reason for his inactivity on social media wasn’t because he found a hobby and took a break from Instagram. His recent Instagram Story suggests he was on some sort of lock down and was unable to post to his profile for a while.

Finally allowed to return, Jeremy Roloff took to his stories with a black-and-white snapshot of himself sitting alone inside of his children. He added a simple caption to his post telling his followers “hi” before explaining the “Instagram overlords” allowed him to return.

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Now, the post has had plenty of time to simmer and make rounds in LPBW fan bases. This includes being posted on Reddit. And, boy, did Little People, Big World fans have a lot to say about Jeremy’s update.

LPBW fans react as Jeremy Roloff returns

With how often Jeremy Roloff’s wife Audrey posts on Instagram, most fans admit they hardly noticed the inactivity on his own account. After all, Audrey’s posts are always packed full of videos and pictures of herself, her children, and her husband. Oftentimes, fans question if Audrey Roloff gives her children or her husband any right to privacy. This is especially true after she’s been blasted for posting nude snapshots and videos of both Bode and her husband Jeremy on her Instagram Stories in the past.

Jeremy Roloff - Instagram
Jeremy Roloff – Instagram

On Reddit, some fans teasingly wondered if Jeremy’s “Instagram overlord” was actually his overbearing wife Audrey. Many more critical fans believe Audrey comes off as very controlling. These same fans suspect Jeremy Roloff can’t post much on his profile without first getting his wife’s approval. Here are some of the other things LPBW fans had to say about Jeremy’s return to Instagram:

  • “First off only losers take pictures of themselves alone in a vehicle. Secondly no one cares about your status on IG. News flash-you are not that relevant. What’s wrong with you and your wife?”
  • “Did Audrey let him log back in?”
  • “He probably logged out and forgot his password. He’s not interesting enough to be even mildly controversial enough for any social media platform to ban him”
  • “I didn’t know that Jeremy Roloff stopped using Instagram.”

For the most part, fans seem to agree they have a hard time believing Jeremy would have posted anything that was bad enough for him to get barred from Instagram. Likewise, many fans admit they also didn’t even notice his absence. Let us know if you noticed Jeremy wasn’t on Instagram in the comments down below.

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