Lori Loughlin Approved For Canada Trip, Will They Let Her In?

Photo: Lori Loughlin Credit: Copyright 2016 Crown Media United States, LLC/Photographer: Bettina Strauss

When Calls The Heart alum Lori Loughlin just got permission from a judge to go to Canada to work.

However, Canada has very strict rules about allowing felons into their country. Stars including Russell Brand, Chris Brown, and Sam Hunt were unable to enter Canada due to their entry rules.

Here is what one legal expert has said about Lori Loughlin’s chances of entering the Great White North.

Judge Approves Lori Loughlin’s Request To Work In Canada

On Monday, TMZ reported that a judge approved her request to go to Canada to film for a week. Although the Fuller House star has completed her jail sentence after her college admissions scandal arrest, she is still serving two years of probation.

However, this approval is just the first step for Loughlin. That is because Canada is very strict about allowing felons into their country.

Can Canada Keep Felons From Entering Country?

Will Lori Loughlin have issues getting into Canada? The site, Vancouver Is Awesome recently reported on this, including weighing in with a legal expert specifically about this case.

Firstly, Maria Ladourceur, from Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) revealed how serious Canada is about their rules.

“Border services officers (BSOs) determine the admissibility of all travelers on a case-by-case basis and based on the information made available at the time of entry. Several factors are used by BSOs in determining admissibility into Canada, including involvement in criminal activity, in human rights violations, in organized crime, security, health or financial reasons.”

Photo: Lori Loughlin Credit: Copyright 2018 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ricardo Hubbs
Photo: Lori Loughlin Credit: Copyright 2018 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ricardo Hubbs

Legal Expert Debates On Whether Canada Will Let Lori Loughlin In

Next,┬áthe publication interviewed Kyla Lee, a Vancouver-based criminal lawyer. Lee revealed that there can be “exceptions” to Canada’s strict rules. This has to do with “high-profile” people.

Lee revealed that they believe that Lori would “likely” be an exception.

“She would likely qualify under a special category for being a notable person who is the only one who can fulfill that role. It is used for celebrities, sports stars, and musical performers most often, although can also be used for people who are particularly notable in their field.”

This means she would need to get CBSA/Immigration and Refugee Canada approval before entering Canada.

“She will have to retain a Canadian immigration lawyer to prepare and submit the application.”

What are Lori Loughlin’s odds of getting that approval? The Vancouver-based attorney appears optimistic.

“I expect that given her stature, the nature of the specific offense, and the well-known work she does in Canada that the application would most likely be granted.”

Hopefuls may remember that last year, Loughlin went through this process and was able to film When Hope Calls Christmas for one week.

What Will Fuller House Alum Film?

As for what project Loughlin will work on, or where in Canada she will film, it remains a mystery. In addition, we do not know whether she will be filming for Hallmark or Great American Family, the new name for GAC Family.

We will continue to report on this story as more information is released.



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