Will Klein Gets Handed Keys To Adult Beverage Menu

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Jen Arnold shared a cheeky photo of her son Will Klein that had fans of The Little Couple rolling. What was the photo that the TLC mother shared all about? What did fans have to say about the photo exactly? Keep reading for all the details.

Jen Arnold shares cheeky photo of Will Klein

It appeared as if Jen Arnold had a bit of a mom-and-son date over the weekend with Will Klein. She shared a snapshot of her cheeky son inside of a fancy-looking eatery. Will Klein had a mischievous smirk plastered on his face as he hit his mom with a side-eye. Turns out, it was what Will was holding in his hand that caused him to get so cheeky with his mother before their meal. What was in his hands exactly? Fortunately, Jen explained in the caption of her post.

The Little Couple Will and Zoey Klein ' Instagram

“When your son gets handed the adult beverage menu,” Jen Arnold penned explaining the mischievous look plastered on her son’s face.

Without much more detail, fans could only assume the server didn’t realize how young Will Klein was when he was handed an adult menu to browse before their meal.

The Little Couple fans react to hilarious photo

Fans of The Little Couple love any time Jen Arnold takes a moment to share photos or videos of her family. So, it is no surprise they swooned over this photo of Will as it had his personality oozing off of it. The photo was liked over 22,000 times and accumulated over 500 comments in a little more than 24 hours since she first published it on her profile. Check out the fun photo of Will Klein down below:

Jen Arnold - Will Klein - Instagram
Jen Arnold – Will Klein – Instagram

One fan of The Little Couple jested this was a window into Will’s future and what he would look like in his 20’s. Here’s what other fans had to say about this fun photo:

  • “Is he ordering cake? I remember how much he loved cake when he was little and that looks like cake face to me lol.”
  • “Wait … how old is he now?”
  • “Oh, Dr. Jen, he looks like he knows what he’s ordering.”

Some fans of The Little Couple were a bit shook by the photo not realizing it was a joke and thinking he had already turned 21. Other fans, however, were quick to clarify how old Will really was.

Don’t you agree this photo Jen Arnold shared of Will Klein was a little cheeky? Follow Jen on Instagram for the latest updates on her family. And, keep coming back here for the latest news on The Little Couple and all things TLC!

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