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Two Husbands Dead & Now The Widow, Sonia Risken But Why?

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It was suspicious enough when Sonia Risken became a widow for the second time. Then, she was killed out of the blue. Yet, was it really out of the blue? Plus, was she responsible for the deaths of her husbands? Read on for all of the crazy details.

Sonia Risken, Widow Times Two

According to Starcasm, it seemed like the perfect match when Sonia found her match in Earl John Bourdeau. He had retired from the Marines and was the perfect family man. Earl even went so far as to adopt her son from a previous relationship, John Jr. Then, something went awry with the lovebirds. Apparently, he was ready to part ways with his wife but still headed to her family home in the Philippines. It was there that Earl met his demise in 1987 and was shot and killed. Supposedly, this all occurred as the home was broken into.

Sonia Risken/YouTube

In 1990, Sonia found love again with her second and final husband, Larry Risken. Around 1999, Larry was visiting Sonia’s family in the Philippines. Does this sound familiar? In any case, he had taken one of her young relatives to the emergency room. They had an eye infection but he met his demise in the parking lot. In a strange twist, his ashes were kept there which made his sister, Sherry Jackson livid. She could not quite understand the reasoning behind it all.

Down Goes The Widow

Sonia Risken was now known as the Black Widow and for good reason. Two husbands had been murdered in tragic ways and all she had left was her son John. She also had a suspicious background involving fraud but that was not about to matter. On April 26, 2007, when Sonia was sixty, she was killed in her California home. John Jr. would be the one who would discover her so, of course, he was a suspect. Yet, he was not the one who took her life. Who would want revenge?

Sonia Risken/YouTube

As it turned out, Sonia had a twisted great-nephew Eric Delacruz. He was well aware that Sherry Jackson was upset over her brother’s ashes being in the Philippines. Therefore, he created an email address under the name of John Jr. and attempted to extort money from her in exchange for the ashes. Additionally, Eric also wanted to gain access to his inheritance from his great aunt so he began to plot her murder. He did all of this while in the Navy.

Of course, he learned quite quickly he was not in his aunt’s will. Plus, everything was traced back to him, his wife, and a good friend. Clearly, he was creative in some ways but not that great at covering his tracks. Eric and his friend Fernando were sentenced to twenty-six years to life behind bars in 2011. No one will ever know who killed the first two husbands…

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