HBO Documentary ‘Katrina Babies’ Has Release Date

HBO Documentary Katrina Babies Has Release Date [HBO | YouTube]

The HBO documentary Katrina Babies finally has a release date. It will give viewers a glimpse into Hurricane Katrina and its devastating impacts on the youth of New Orleans. Read on to learn more about this new film and to find out the premiere date.

What is Katrina Babies about?

Edward Buckles, Jr. is the director behind Katrina Babies. It gives an intimate look at the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and how it impacted the youth growing up in New Orleans. This generation has to deal with the grappling effects of their childhood forever changed by tragedy.

Buckles was only 12 years old when the hurricane hit New Orleans. He was inspired to film a documentary that focuses on his childhood peers who survived the storm. He also wanted to capture the spirit of New Orleans. Katrina Babies was years in the making since it took him time to work on it.

Hurricane Katrina Footage [YouTube]

“After my family and I experienced Hurricane Katrina in 2005, we were left to pick up the pieces of a situation that seemed totally out of our control. I was 12 years old, and like with many catastrophes, children were an afterthought,” Buckles said. “It baffled me that after we experienced one of the deadliest natural disasters in the U.S. no one asked us how we were doing or feeling. No one asked us right after the storm and no one is asking now, so I picked up a camera and decided to do it myself.”

IME Studios and Invisible Pictures, together with Creative Control and House of the Young Entertainment, co-produced Katrina Babies. Buckles first announced the project on the 16th anniversary of the natural disaster. He produced the film with Audrey Rosenberg of Invisible Pictures and Rebecca Teitel of TIME Studio.

Hurricane Katrina Devastates New Orleans [YouTube]
Per HBO, it’s also executive produced by Coodie & Chike of Creative Control, Ian Orefice, Mike Beck, and Alexa Conway of TIME Studios, and Jess Jacob of Invisible Pictures. Buckles won twice at the 2022 Tribeca Awards for his documentary. He received an award for Best New Documentary Director and the festival’s first-ever Human Nature award.

HBO announces premiere date

HBO announced a premiere date for Katrina Babies. Per a press release via The Futon Critic, the documentary will debut on Wednesday, August 24. It will premiere on HBO and will be available to stream on HBO Max.

Buckles hopes this will give a voice to his city that’s been long-forgotten after the deadly storm. Footage will include confessionals, home movies, archived footage of the storm, and interviews with the young Katrina survivors. Katrina Babies shows viewers how these people try to heal from one of the most destructive storms, but also focuses on the traumas of black youth in America, especially when it comes to systemic racism.

What are your thoughts on Katrina Babies? Do you plan to check it out? Did you grow up in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina? Sound off below in the comment section.

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