Candace Cameron Bure Attacked With Bible Verse By JoJo Siwa’s Mom?

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The JoJo Siwa and Candace Cameron Bure drama continues as JoJo’s mother, Jessalynn, now has something to say about it. According to Page Sixit appears as if Jessalynn Siwa has brought her mama bear claws to the party and is NOT happy with the Full House star.

Recap on the celebrity drama

This whole feud started with JoJo Siwa took to TikTok to partake in a trend. Within her video, she revealed that Candace Cameron Bure was the “rudest celebrity” she’s ever met. JoJo didn’t shed any additional light on the situation. Initially, the Internet believed Candace responded to JoJo with a Bible verse on her Instagram Stories. She later, however, “spilled the tea” via a video on her profile. Within the video, she explained that she made every effort to reach out to JoJo and ended up talking to her on the phone.

Jojo Siwa Youtube
Jojo Siwa Youtube

Turns out, JoJo tried to get a picture with her on the red carpet when she was just 11. She felt shunned by the Full House star who then proceeded to take pictures with other children after telling JoJo no. Candace explained that she felt horrible about learning she broke JoJo Siwa’s heart when she was so young and apologized if she’s ever made any of her other fans feel that way because she’s only human.

JoJo Siwa later responded to Candace Cameron Bure clearing the air, noting the celebrity didn’t tell the whole story. The 19-year-old seemingly implied Candace told enough of the story to save face.

Now, the Full House star’s daughter, Natasha Bure, also got in on the drama telling JoJo Siwa she needed to “grow up.” While Candace had hoped the Internet could move past the drama, it doesn’t appear to be over just yet as Jessalynn, mama Siwa, also had something to say.

JoJo Siwa’s mother comes for Candace Cameron Bure

JoJo Siwa’s mother, Jessalyn, took to her own Instagram to share her thoughts on the ongoing drama. Mama Siwa wanted everyone to know she believed the most important thing, what really mattered at the end of the day, was how a person treated other people.

“Real, genuine kindness always goes a long way.” She continued.

“It’s super easy to quote a Bible verse when everyone is looking at you but morals are what you have when no one is looking.”

Initially, Candace Cameron Bure posted a Bible verse reading: “Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.”

The Internet assumed this was her response to JoJo’s accusations. When JoJo later accused Candace of not telling the whole story, Candace followed up with another Bible verse. “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility consider others as more important than ourselves.”

Candace Cameron Bure - Jojo Siwa Instagram - youtube
Candace Cameron Bure – Jojo Siwa Instagram – youtube

JoJo Siwa’s mom recounts the story

Now, JoJo Siwa’s mother was not done. After taking aim and firing shots at Candace Cameron Bure, she wanted to recount the story from her point of view.

“JoJo ran into [Cameron Bure] and was like, ‘Oh, my God, I love you so much. Can we please take a selfie?’ And she was like, ‘Not now. Maybe later.’ Word for word, ‘Not now, maybe later.’ She just couldn’t be bothered. I do not know what was going on, but it is funny when you don’t know and somebody treats you like that?”

It is unclear when the drama surrounding Candace Cameron Bure and JoJo Siwa will clear. TvShowsAce will keep you posted on any updates.

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