‘LPBW’ Jackson Roloff Gets Stung On Face, Is He Ok?

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Tori Roloff jests that her son Jackson just suffered injury “36,284,739” on her Instagram Stories over the weekend. Her post featured a snapshot of Jackson’s face. His usually vibrant smile that LPBW fans have grown to love was nowhere to be found as he had swollen pouty lips and sad eyes. How did Jackson get injured exactly? Was he feeling any better? Keep reading for the details.

Tori Roloff shares Jackson’s 36,284,739th injury

As those who follow Tori Roloff on Instagram know, Jackson is a very active little guy. Being a combination of fearless and active, however, caused him to get injured a lot. While some fans question Tori’s need to call attention to her son’s injuries via social media, she does make an effort to wait until her son is feeling better to share that he was ever injured in the first place.

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On her Instagram Stories, Tori explained that Jackson was attacked while they were having fun on the beach. She explained he was stung again by another bee. He posted suggested Jackson was attacked in the face. More specifically, the bee seems to have stung him in his lower lip.

With a swollen lower lip, his eyes and facial expression suggested he wasn’t happy about the situation. Tori, however, penned in a caption attached to the photo that Jackson took this latest injury “like a champ.”

Tori made it a point to reassure her followers that the swelling in his lip had gone down and he had returned to playing.

Jackson Roloff - LPBW - YouTube
Jackson Roloff – LPBW – YouTube

LPBW fans express a bit of worry for him

Little People, Big World fans couldn’t help but worry for Jackson as they focused on his swollen lip in the photo. Tori noted the swelling had gone down. But, her Instagram activity suggests Jackson gets stung by bees fairly often. Some fans worry the swollen lips suggested he might be a bit allergic to bees. Fans couldn’t help but wonder if she has spoken to his doctor about his allergic reactions to bee stings. Likewise, fans wonder if she’s taken any precautions to make their property at home a little less appealing to bees for their son’s safety.

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LPBW – YouTube

Are you surprised to learn Jackson Roloff recently got stung by another bee? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Little People, Big World family.

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