’90 Day Fiancé’ Stephanie Matto Answers Burning Poop Question

Stephanie Matto YouTube

By now, almost everyone is aware of the infamous ‘Farts In A Jar’ business. It was an idea actualized by 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days alum Stephanie Matto. But has the reality star started selling her poop as well? Read on to find out the latest gossip!

Stephanie Matto Suffers A Health Crisis

Back when Stephanie had the ‘Million-Dollar Idea’ to sell her farts in a jar, many were disgusted by her choice of making money. However, it did get the reality star a lot of fame and cash as well. Her fart business was going well, and she was at the height of her career. However, a scary incident landed her in the hospital.

Stephanie Matto YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

The 31-year-old made more than $200,000 from selling her farts in a jar. As per Monsters & Critics, she was rushed to the hospital after she complained of chest pain. Although it wasn’t a heart attack, doctors did perform an EKG and blood tests on her. It was later revealed that the chest pain was due to excess gas caused by the protein-rich diet she was on.

Fans Question If Stephanie Has Any Plans To Sell Poop

Given the massive health risk, Stephanie dialed back on the business and sought other ways to make money. However, several of her loyal fans insist that she should try out a smellier idea. In her latest Instagram Q&A session, the reality revealed if she wished to go ahead with the fan’s suggestion.

During the Q&A, the fan asked, “Any plans of auctioning your poop?”

Stephanie Matto YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

To this, Stephanie replied, “Selling your (poop emoji) is illegal, guys. Please stop asking for this (laughing face emoji).”

So, it looks like it’s a big ‘No’ from the reality star on selling her poop.

Further in the Q&A, another fan asked, “What’s next?” talking about her future. The entrepreneur replied, “I am working on being overall more zen and happy. Focusing on me, being healthy, my relationship, making good financial decisions, traveling, and that’s all I can hope for.”

Stephanie Matto Admits To Selling Bodily Fluids

Although the Unfiltrd founder did clear her intentions on selling her poop, she has admitted to selling other bodily fluids & exotic things to make some extra income.

Stephanie Matto YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

In her latest YouTube video, the reality star shared a list of the craziest things she has sold online. Her list includes her infamous farts in a jar, boob sweat, fart-scented candles, & feet shavings. She also admitted that fart jars were just one of the exotic pleasantries she has sold online to date.

It is established that Stephanie won’t indulge in selling poop as her next big business idea. However, the She’s Got It star will continue to crop up creative product ideas to satisfy her customers’ demands.

What do you think of Stephanie’s business ideas? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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