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Fans Say Jeremy Roloff’s New Look Is ‘Atrocious’

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Jeremy Roloff’s wife Audrey wasn’t done exchanging blows with trolls on Instagram following her wild hillbilly party. She took to Instagram to share a video clip of her husband who happened to be in the bathroom standing in front of a mirror at the time. A quick scroll through Reddit reveals this isn’t something fans have talked about as much as Audrey’s post seemed to suggest at the time. So, perhaps she anticipated the criticism was coming. (Because it did).

After addressing that the cigarettes they were smoking during the party were fake and part of their costume, she felt the need to call attention to her husband’s wild new hair. Was the hair also part of the costume? Technically the answer to this question was both yes and no.

Audrey Roloff Instagram, Jeremy Roloff
Audrey and Jeremy – Instagram

Audrey Roloff shocks with the truth on Jeremy’s hair

Turns out, Jeremy Roloff was NOT wearing a wig with his wild hillbilly costume for the party. The buzzed sides and the curly thick top was his actual hair. Audrey Roloff noted that this “labor of love” was the real deal. She later shared another clip revealing her husband did ditch the facial hair that went with his hillbilly costume. He, however, decided he was going to hang on to his unique new buzz.

Unrecognizable, bad hair cut?

According to The Sunsome time has passed since Audrey and Jeremy hosted this wild hillbilly party. Realizing the haircut is sticking around for a while, the portion of the internet that follows the Roloff family has some thoughts on this haircut. For starters, the word “unrecognizable” has come up as fans agree Jeremy really just doesn’t look like himself.

Jeremy Roloff via Audrey's Instagram
Jeremy Roloff via Audrey’s Instagram

The bigger issue LPBW fans have with his new haircut is simply the fact that they don’t like it. Fans note it looks like he has an unkempt wig slapped on top of his head. Likewise, some fans also note it looks like his barber was angry at him and gave in a horrible hack job. Overall, fans are pretty baffled as to why he would willingly walk around with this haircut.

One fan penned: “Could you ever so kindly also tell Jeremy his hair in the second photo is atrocious and looks like a terrible toupee.”

In the video clip confirming Jeremy’s hair was real, Instagram viewers could hear him ask his wife if he should keep the new look. Unsurprisingly, fans begged him not to.

What do you think of Jeremy Roloff’s new hair? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on LPBW.



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  1. People have nothing better to do than to nit pick these reality people to pieces. Turn that magnifying glass towards yourself and knit pick your flaws. I am sure that you will see that none are more interesting than your own.

  2. WHY, Jeremy just, WHY would you do this to yourself? Do you actually like it?
    I understand that it’s your hair but you are such a good looking young man?

  3. They get paid to be as weird as possible…don’t care for either of them. Too much “better than thou” attitude.

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