Excited Danielle Busby Can’t Wait To Show Hazel What She Won

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Sloths are easy-going and calm animals, and this is a trait shared by OutDaughtered star Hazel Busby. On December 13, 2019, her mother, Danielle Busby, shared an Instagram post of Hazel standing all smiles beside a massive sloth soft toy at Moody Gardens. This was Hazel’s first encounter with something she would cherish for her life. Ever since, fans have seen glimpses of Hazel’s excitement whenever she gets a chance to meet her ‘Spirit Animal.’

Danielle Busby Wins A Sloth For Daughter Hazel Busby

Looks like Danielle has yet again managed to get an amazing gift for her daughter after she won a pool party game organized by One Life Church.

Hazel Busby YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

In her Instagram story, she shared a picture of herself lying on top of a giant sloth float she won at the pool party.

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[Source: Instagram]

The mother of six captioned the post, “I was on the winning team tonight at @onelifechurch Ladies Pool Party! Totally excited about winning this Sloth Float! Hazel is going to be so excited.” 

Adam Busby Shares Picture Of Hazel Dressed As Her Spirit Animal

On April 3, 2022, Adam Busby shared an adorable Instagram photo of the 7-year-old tucked in cozy inside a cute sloth sleeping bag.

Hazel posed for her Aunt LiLi (Ashley), who had the quintuplets at her house for Blayke’s birthday sleepover. Her ruby red hair & cute sunglasses made the picture mesmerizing.

Hazel Busby Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

The 40-year-old captioned the Instagram post, “Got this photo of Hazel dressed as her spirit animal while she stayed with @ashmowbray during Blayke’s Birthday party. Such a cutie. #hazelbasil #itsabuzzworld #outdaughtered #sloth #spiritanimal.”

Fans poured in their love for Hazel Busby’s breathtaking photo in the comments section. One wrote, “You and Danielle never post pics of Hazel! She’s my favorite. Love her!”

Hazel Busby Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

A second commented, “She looks so cute! Sloth is my spirit animal as well. XOXO for U guys!”

A third chimed in, “My favorite animal is a sloth. Hazel Bazil is so adorable! When are you guys coming back to TLC?”

A fourth complimented Hazel’s ever-positive nature stating, “Is she ever not smiling? So cute!!!”

Does Hazel Busby Radiate A Sloth-Like Personality?

Hazel Busby is the most positive kid among the Busby quintuplets. She is the one with a personality that knows how to tap into the best even when situations pull you down. Even when dealing with painful events such as eye surgery, she has smiled through it all.

The 7-year-old suffers from an eye problem known as Nystagmus, for which there is currently no known cure. Its progress can be controlled with surgical procedures, as happened in Hazel’s case. Slowly and steadily, like a sloth, the Busby quintuplet has managed to charm her way to fans’ hearts.

Do you think Hazel Busby would love this new gift from her mother? Do you have a spirit animal as well? Let us know in the comments!

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