Savannah Chrisley Says Trust In God, Everything Will Work Out

Savannah Chrisley Says Trust In God, Everything Will Work Out [USA Network | YouTube]

Savannah Chrisley encouraged her followers to trust in God and that everything will work out. However, is the reality star talking about her own situation? Everyone knows that Savannah and her family are going through some hard times. Her parents Todd and Julie Chrisley were found guilty of tax fraud and evasion.

This has been a challenging year for the Chrisleys. They’re still grieving the loss of their great Aunt Francis, while they worry about Nanny Faye’s cancer diagnosis. TV Shows Ace previously reported that Savannah has been using Bible verses to get her through. She admitted that she struggled with her faith after learning about the guilty verdict last month.

Savannah Chrisley Struggles With Her Faith [USA Network | YouTube]
[USA Network | YouTube]

Chrisley Knows Best star struggles with her faith

Even though Savannah Chrisley is a devout Christian, she admits that she struggles with her faith. She felt tested by God when she learned about her parents’ guilty verdict. But, she’s remaining positive during this time. She’s been turning to her Bible more so in recent weeks.

When she broke her silence on Instagram, she talked about her faith. Yet, Savannah Chrisley feels that God has an even bigger plan for her and her family. She is willing to wait through this trial period to see what happens on the other side. Savannah wants to persevere in her faith and wants her fans to do the same.

Savannah Chrisley Shares Inspiring Message [USA Network | YouTube]
[USA Network | YouTube]
“Recently, I’ve felt let down by God, that my relentless prayers have been unheard,” Savannah Chrisley wrote on Instagram. “But I do believe that He will use every hardship and adversity we go through to strengthen us and prepare us for an even greater purpose. So I will continue believing in our Lord and Savior…I pray for strength, hope, and love. Thank you to all of those that continue to stand by our sides. This fight isn’t over.”

As a result, she’s been sharing more Bible verses and inspirational quotes on social media. Fans think it’s all a response to the verdict. This makes sense as it hasn’t left anyone’s mind. Todd and Julie Chrisley are currently awaiting their sentencing.

Savannah Chrisley relies on God

In her latest Instagram Story, Savannah Chrisley admitted that she’s relying on God during this difficult time. She knows that only He will help her get them through this. The best way to get through this is to trust in God and know that everything will be okay.

Savannah Chrisley Says To Trust In God [Savannah Chrisley | Instagram Stories]
[Savannah Chrisley | Instagram Stories]
She shared the following message from Daily Bible Verses with her fans. Savannah Chrisley is hoping this message will help anyone who is going through a difficult time. However, it’s clear that she was talking about her personal life as well.

“Everything will work out in the end. You don’t need to know how. You just have to trust God and believe that it will.”

What are your thoughts on Savannah Chrisley’s thoughts on trusting God? Do you think the Chrisleys will get through this situation? Sound off below in the comment section.

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