Devin Booker Lurking In Background Of Kendall Jenner’s Photo?

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Is Kendall Jenner back together with ex-Devin Booker? After two years together, the couple called it quits on June 22, 2022. However, fans seem to have spotted proof that Kendall Jenner is back together with the Phoenix Suns player.

Who Is The Mysterious ‘Hidden Man’ in Kendall’s Vacation Photos?

They claim the NBA star was camouflaged in the background of the reality star’s bikini body boasting beach pictures. On Thursday, the 26-year-old shared several sunny snaps on her Instagram account from a relaxing tropical trip. Fans feel that these pictures are a subtle hint at the rebound.

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The model flaunted her sculpted body in a Hawaiian-print bikini in a mirror selfie. In another swimsuit, she emerged out of the ocean, smiling away from the camera. As the reality star walked away from the waves and towards the camera, a man resembling Devin appeared to be snorkeling behind her in the water.

The male in the picture with facial hair sprung in & out of the water with just his head emerging & gear on. However, this wasn’t just the only clue fans puzzled out from Kendall’s vacation pictures. In another of Kendall’s Instagram slides, someone was seated in the passenger seat with a leg tattoo. While one fellow drove the SUV Kendall was in, another one with the video who fans think was Devin Booker.

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The tattoo was pretty similar to the cartoon Jack Skellington’s skull-style leg tattoo that Devin sports. This series of clues, some of them including pal Lauren Perez, made fans think that the former couple is back together.

Reddit Users Claim Devin Booker Was With Kendall

Another clue filtered out by the fans was when the professional basketball player hit a like on her aforementioned social media post.

Reacting to the couple reigniting their lost love, fans commented on the post. “Devin Booker & Kendall,” one fan commented.”

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Another asked, “Who’s the shy guy here?”

A third fan wrote, “Cutie pie loverz,”

Fans even took to Reddit with their proof claiming, “Devin was with her!”

Another added, “Oh, okay, you either with Devin or Fai [Khadra].”

Was Kendall Jenner and Devin’s Breakup Overhyped?

After dating for two years, reports claimed the couple went their separate ways last month. Kendall also mentioned that she feels they are on different paths. The couple even had discussions about their future together, but they are currently not on the same page.

The fact to note here is that the couple never publicly announced their breakup and is extremely private when it comes to sharing their relationship details. As per The Sun, they even spent the Fourth of July together. So, it would seem that the couple never really broke up.

Maybe fans really are onto something, and the breakup was overhyped! Would you love to see the couple back together? Let us know in the comments!

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