Did Kim Kardashian Leak Khloe’s Baby News & Gender?

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The Kardashians fans suspect Kim Kardashian might have unintentionally divulged the secret that Khloe and Tristan Thompson are to welcome a second child. Speculations are also doing rounds stating that the SKIMS mogul might have made a big reveal announcing the soon-to-be-born child’s gender.

Did Kim Kardashian Make The Big Gender Reveal?

After reports of the Good American owner expecting a baby with ex-Tristan came into the limelight, fans are talking about this big leak. Some fans suspect this news came out before July 13 and that someone from Khloe’s immediate family made the big reveal.

Kim Kardashian YouTube

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Kardashian fans are now reflecting on the finale episode of the Hulu reality show. This was the episode when Kim broke the news of Tristan’s cheating incident with mistress Maralee Nichols to her sister Khloe. The SKIMS mogul was seen in the gym during the episode, talking to her family on the phone. At one point, the mother of four mentioned Tristan’s mistress Maralee and said, “Khloe wanted a boy, and this girl is having a boy.”

Fans on Twitter are now reacting to this shocking revelation. A fan wrote, “Now it makes sense why Kim was screaming, but Khloe wanted to have a boy.”

“Because that surrogate was already carrying their damn child,” they continued.

A second Kardashian fan tweeted, “Wait, so when Kim said ‘she was wanting to try for a boy,’ she was hinting at the surrogate because they didn’t know the gender at that time! I feel bad for Khloe now if it was before September.”

A third added, “Kim was carrying on. They all just knew Khloe was finally getting her happily ever after!!!!! But baby momma number 3 said SIKE!!!!”

Khloe Is Grateful To The Surrogate For A Beautiful Blessing

As reported by The Sun, Khloe Kardashian’s representative confirmed that the former couple is having another child via a surrogate mother. Tristan and Khloe already have a 4-year-old daughter True Thompson. As per the statement, the baby was conceived in November 2021, shortly before Tristan and Khloe split up over the love child scandal.

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As per the representative, “Khloe is incredibly grateful to the extraordinary surrogate for such a beautiful blessing.”

Khloe & Tristan’s relationship has been on and off for quite some time, given Tristan’s multiple cheating events. Before he fathered a child with model Maralee Nichols, he kissed Kylie Jenner’s former bestie, Jordyn Woods. Later on, model Sydney Chase also claimed that the NBA star hooked up with her.

Is Khloe Kardashian Inspired By Her Sister Kim?

Khloe’s decision to welcome the second child via surrogate was inspired by her sister Kim. The SKKN owner used a surrogate to welcome her third and fourth kid with ex-husband Kanye West.

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As per reports, Tristan and Khloe’s second child is due within days. However, other sources claim that the child is already born.

Do you think Khloe’s second child is already born? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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