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‘Big Brother‘ Fans Furious At Edits Of Taylor Hale, Why?

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Big Brother just started last week, however, the drama is quickly piling up. At the center of that drama are a few women in the house. Both Paloma Aguilar and Taylor Hale have been at odds since the start of the show. As of now, it seems fans have picked a side. They are less than impressed with how Taylor Hale has been edited on the show. Keep reading to find out why.

Taylor Hale gets a bad Big Brother edit?

The first week of Big Brother is in the books and there is already a lot of hate towards one player in the house. Taylor Hale has been the topic of discussion amongst houseguests. It seems her co-houseguest, Paloma, isn’t a huge fan of hers and thinks that she isn’t a ‘girls girl.’ This just means she doesn’t have the girls’ backs and spends a lot of time hanging out with the boys instead.

It seems that Paloma was actually able to get everyone on her side in the house. After Michael Bruner won the Power of Veto and took himself off the block, Daniel Durston (the current Head of Household) opted to put Taylor up since that’s what the rest of the house requested.

The fans don’t seem to agree though. In fact, according to Cinema Blend, viewers are furious with the cut that Taylor is getting and the amount of microaggression seemingly going on. Twitter users are letting their voices be heard. It seems to be a consensus that Taylor is being bullied and Big Brother is cutting her to portray her as the ‘bad guy.’

Taylor Hale | Youtube
Taylor Hale | Youtube

Fans are on Taylor’s side

“So @CBSBigBrother has chosen to ignore the bad press they’ve received this week about the mistreatment of Taylor Hale in the house. Instead, they are editing her in an unfair way that obscures the situation. Typical. #BB24”

The user continues stating: “What’s even more ridiculous is a compelling edit could have been put together from the live feeds. They could have shown the HGs encouraging Taylor to her face, while bad mouthing her behind her back. That’s more narratively interesting than what they actually showed! #bb24”

Several others seem to share the exact same sentiment.

“The problem is producers don’t want to burn the majority of these people when one of them will sadly win :(.”

It seems like the Big Brother crew may have some major explaining to do.

Do you like Taylor Hale? Let us know in the comments below if you like her or if she’s getting a bad edit. Come back for more updates on all of your favorite Big Brother houseguests.

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  1. Paloma is a bully, Thursdays show made her out like a martyr everyone crying, she should be ashamed of her treatment of Taylor which was not deserved

  2. Paloma is a horrible person but was treated like a Martyn or Thursdays show, She bullied Taylor out of jealousy from day one

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