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Fans Aren’t Buying What Honey Boo Boo Is Trying To Sell

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Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson is trying to help support herself and her family in the best way that she can. She is currently selling shirts online. Additionally, she and her family headed to California for meet and greets with their fans. Yet, is she trying too hard with her latest endeavor? Fans seem to think so.

Honey Boo Boo Has Been Working It Forever

The truth is Alana is the reason her family was catapulted into the public eye, to begin with. She started out as a pageant tot on Toddlers and Tiaras. Her spunk and quirky personality helped garner her and her whole family their own reality series. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo followed the Shannon/Thompson gang as they navigated life. Her mother, Mama June was larger than life while Alana’s dad, Sugar Bear just sat back and watched the insanity. He helped to raise her and June’s three daughters from previous relationships and, with all of the oddities, they made it work.

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Unfortunately, the show was canceled when June was in the company of questionable people but that did not keep them down for long. A new show was launched with life showcasing Mama June’s full-body makeover. Alana was seen evolving into a teenager and all that came with it, still trying to keep her name alive. She appeared on Dancing With the Stars Juniors but also had a dark cloud surrounding her. Her mother got heavy into drugs, lost it all, went to rehab, and got sober so Alana went to live with her sister Pumpkin. It was a struggle but she tried to maintain her spirit.

The Latest Gig, Not Impressed

Despite a steady run on reality television, Honey Boo Boo has to find ways to keep up an income. Her older sister, Pumpkin may have sole custody of her now but she also has a full house. Last summer, she welcomed her second child and in May, she welcomed twins. Mama June pays $800/month in child support but teenagers are expensive. Therefore, Alana is out there hustling. Her latest project is for the new chicken tenders from Boston Market. She posted a promo of herself going inside and excitedly trying them on her Instagram. Fans were less than impressed with her acting skills.

Honey Boo Boo/IG

  • “Paid advertisement, poor acting lol”
  • “You took a tiny bite so I’m not convinced”
  • “you really paid her for this huh”

Her followers were also put off by the fact that she dropped one nugget on the table and put it right back into the cup. Then, there were other fans who were just amazed to see how grown up see she was. Maybe she should have promoted something she was super enthused about. It might have come off as more sincere. Then again, she is not really a professional, just a teenager trying to get by.

What do you think of Honey Boo Boo’s acting skills? Let us know in the comments and watch Mama June: Road to Redemption Fridays on WeTV.

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  1. Perhaps she can parlay her experiences into helping coach toddlers on new pageants once she is old enough. Retired athletes get paid to be professional trainers. Is there a minimum age requirement to do pageant coaching?

  2. At her age not many teenagers think about how they can help out at home my hat goes off to Alana!! She’s had to grow up fast but with pumpkin helping guide her and give her love and support (That so many teenagers need and don’t get) Alana will be responsible and make a difference in the lives of others!! I’m Team Alana

  3. Sorry but you need to start on a weight loss program you were so adorable as a toddler and between you and your mother no matter how much you lose you will always be average in looks which is not that bad but having all that weight is not in your favor on looks or your health!!

  4. Let the girl just enjoy her teenage years and be happy. She got a bad break with the mother she got. Thank god for her sister stepping up and being there for her. Instead of criticizing everything she does let’s give her positive vibes.

  5. There are so few teenage movies that come along anymore. Of course Clueless and Thw Breakfast Club and Mean Girls are iconic. But anything of late? There was an episode on Full House years ago in which DJ struggled with her weight. I’ve never forgot that episode. I would love to see Alana starring in a teenage movie about a girl who struggles with popularity and the complete opposite of that, because of her weight. If Alana’s popular it’s because she’s honey boo-boo. Let’s face it we live in a world that is still controlled by how we look. That has never gone away as much as society has fought to stem the tide. And yes Alana is a tremendous actress. Anyone who can put on that kind of a front from having a painful mother like June deserves an Emmy.

  6. The whole family is coming off looking “desperate” for ways to make money. Their “meet & greats” are a joke!! Between making money for doing the show and child support, you should be fine Boo!!!

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