‘Love Island UK’: Why Jacques O’Neill Dramatically QUITS Show

Love Island: Why Jacques O'Neill Dramatically QUITS Show [YouTube]

Love Island UK cast member Jacques O’Neill dramatically quits the show. This rash decision has turned the villa upside down. The 23-year-old reportedly walked off the set of the dating series, which had a slow burn but is picking up full steam ahead with the drama.

This comes after he recoupled with his partner Paige Thorne. However, that all changed when Adam Collard entered the villa. He quickly caught Paige’s attention. She made it clear that she wants to get to know him better. Fans are in a state of shock and want to know what happens next.

Jacques O'Neill Quits Love Island [YouTube]

Why did Jacques O’Neill leave the villa?

Jacques exploded and promptly left the villa. He wants nothing to do with Paige or Love Island UK. This has been the most explosive part of an already dramatic season. It all happened after Gemma Owens told Jacques that Adam insulted him to make himself look better to Paige.

At some point, Jacques leaves the villa and refuses to return. Ultimately, production let him go. In their statement, they shared they were fine with his decision.

“A Jacques has made the decision to leave the villa,” a spokesperson for Love Island told The Sun. “He will explain his reasons to the Islanders during tonight’s episode. We fully support his decision and look forward to seeing what’s next for Jacques.”

Love Island's Paige Thorne [YouTube]
In the previous episode of Love Island, Jacques got into a heated argument with Adam. He found out that Adam talked about him behind his back to Paige. In the teaser for the next episode, Jacques angrily says, “Who the f*** is he? Just another geezer who’s been on the show? He’s f***ing nothing mate.”

Gemma butted into the conversation. She informed Jacques that Adams talked trash about him. Earlier this week, Jacques admitted to Paige that he “cheated” on her with Cheyanne Kerr at Casa Amor. They recoupled and worked on their relationship.

Love Islanders cause trouble for Jacques

Jacques confessed to kissing the girl in bed. He said in his interviews that they had a “connection” and would end up together. But then he shocked Love Island UK fans when he chose Paige. She ended up returning to the villa alone after she was tempted by the boys in Casa Amor.

Cheyanne remained in the villa and caused trouble for Jacques. She blabbed to the girls about their heated fling in between the sheets. Understandably, Paige was upset and ignored Jacques. In last night’s episode, they kissed and slept in bed together after the Love Island UK fanbase saved them.

Adam Collard Joins Love Island [YouTube]
Their recoupling immediately changed once Adam walked in. The bad boy expressed interest in Paige and she was curious about him. She still feels burned by Jacques. So, she wonders if there’s something there with Adam. Jacques grew jealous of seeing the two interact and left the villa.

All this time he’s been trying to win Paige back. He even wrote a lengthy text message that will win her over. What are your thoughts on Jacques leaving Love Island UK? What do you think will happen next? Sound off below in the comment section.

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