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Doja Cat Responds As ‘Stranger Things’ Drama Swirls

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Singer Doja Cat has been associated lately with the popular Netflix series Stranger Things but not for starring in the show. Rather, it’s her beef with star Noah Schnapp that made her the hot potato. She even faced backlash from fans over her public drama.

However, the 26-year-old finally responded to the buzz, enunciating exactly how she felt. Here’s what happened.

Stranger Things’ latest cast addition, Eddie Munson, portrayed by Joseph Quinn, quickly became a fan favorite. He also caught the attention of the rapper who tried to connect with him via Noah Schnapp.

Noah Schnapp Shares DMs With Doja Cat On TikTok

Popular for his character Will Byers in Stranger Things, Noah shared some DMs between himself and Doja Cat. In this chat, the Kiss Me More singer asked the actor to help her get Quinn’s digits.

Doja Cat YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

In her response to this beef with Noah, the American rapper tweeted, “Y’all are so cringe and lame, and nobody wants to hang w u,” she says.

“That’s why y’all be on her unironically writing replies to shit that makes you mad.”

As per Yahoo! News, Doja also changed her Twitter username to ‘Im Better Than You.’ However, it is unclear if this name change has anything to do with the ongoing drama.

On July 7, the 26-year-old called out Noah on Instagram Live for publicly posting their DM conversation in a TikTok that has now been deleted.

Doja Calls Schnapp’s Act Socially Unaware and Wack

Even though Doja acknowledged that Schnapp is a minor, she also mentioned that the act was “So unbelievably socially unaware and wack.”

Noah Schnapp YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

She also added that it was “borderline snake shit” that he made their private conversation public. Her video gained mixed reactions from social media users. Some even questioned why she asked the 17-year-old to set her up with a co-star of his.

Twitter Questions Doja Cat’s Reaction

A Twitter user asked if the Say So singer was upset because of a different reason. They questioned, “Is Doja Cat really mad that Noah Schnapp revealed that she is interested in Joseph Quinn (which she has publicly stated btw), or is she just mad that we’ve found out her grown-ass is DMing a 17-year-old?”

Another user pointed out that Doja has previously tweeted about her interest in Quinn.

“Genuinely confused why Doja Cat is responding with this energy,” they say.

“She had already made her interest in Joseph Quinn public; it’s not like Noah relieved anything she hadn’t essentially already publicized herself. Why are we throwing around the words ‘power play’ & ‘snake shit’??” 

Whether Doja and Schnapp are still on talking terms is unknown. However, the Stranger Things actor hasn’t yet responded to Doja’s latest tweet regarding the matter.

Do you like the latest cast addition to Stranger Things? Who is your favorite character in this Netflix hit? Let us know in the comments!

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