Inside Amy Halterman’s Horror-Inspired Baby Name

Amy Halterman from Instagram

1000-Lb. Sisters star Amy Halterman gave birth to her second child this week. From the moment Amy found out she was pregnant, she’s always shared updates with fans.

Although Amy was originally due on July 18, she scheduled a C-section for July 5 instead. According to reports, Glenn Allen Halterman entered the world on July 5 and is doing quite well.

But how exactly did the Haltermans come up with that name? Keep reading to find out more.

Amy Halterman loves horror-themed names

As 1000-Lb. Sisters fans know, the Haltermans are a unique bunch. So it hardly comes as a surprise to many fans that Amy decided she wanted to name her kids after horror movie characters. Her oldest son is named “Gage” after the character in Pet Sematary. She confirmed in an Instagram thread that the second baby would also have a horror-inspired name.

But where did she get “Glenn” from?

Amy Halterman/Instagram

Amy hasn’t been very active on social media since she gave birth. She did post a few photos of the new baby, but hasn’t answered any questions yet. So fans can’t be certain where she took the name from, but they do have a few ideas.

The 2004 horror movie Seed of Chucky follows Glen, the son of serial killer Chucky and his wife, Tiffany Valentine. The spelling is different, but this seems to be the most likely source of the name. “Glenn” isn’t a common name in scary movies.

Do you think that Michael and Amy Halterman named their son after a Chucky character? Be sure to leave your own thoughts in the comments.

What lies ahead for the TLC personality?

When 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 3 came to a close, Amy wasn’t yet pregnant with baby Glenn. However, her doctor caught wind of her pregnancy dreams and felt really concerned for the TLC star. When he performed the bariatric surgery, he advised waiting several years before she tried to have children. Now, Amy has had two pregnancies within two years. She didn’t wait and the doctor was rightly worried about her.

If 1000-Lb. Sisters returns for Season 4, fans will likely get to follow Amy’s pregnancy journey. It’s not yet known if she has any weight-related health issues now as a result of her pregnancies, but it could be possible. For now, fans just have to wait and see if Amy’s doctor’s fears came to life.

But in the meantime, fans can follow Amy Halterman on Instagram and keep up with her family and new baby boy. Without a doubt, she will post more pictures in the upcoming days.

Amy Halterman/Instagram

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Stay tuned for more!

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  1. So this woman used to weigh 1000 lbs? My goodness! I will never understand how that happens, as the largest I’ve ever been was 288 lbs (at 5’7″ with average bone structure). I thought I was huge and scared to death to hit 300, so I started walking and cut out processed foods. Then just made healthy substitutions. That’s all I needed to do in order to lose 120 lbs over the past 18 months. No starving and no feeling deprived. If I wanted french fries, I cut a potato in long thin slices and air fried with seasonings. If I wanted apple pie, I cut up an apple and sprinkled it generously with granola and cinnamon, then just a drizzle of maple syrup and microwaved until soft. I also made sure 3/4 of each plate was filled with a variety of veggies. I sure hope this woman doesn’t gain the weight back or get any of the health issues from having all that extra weight. With 2 small children, she can’t afford to be disabled or to die young.

    1. No this sister was 400 and something pds. Her sister on the show is 600 and something pds. Together they are called 1000 pd sisters. I also don’t know how it gets that bad but they say some people are addicted to eating and just can’t stop no matter what they think their gonna do. Like go on a diet starting tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and the first thing they do is skip breakfast to get started. But soon they are hungry and go overboard and eat more than they did the day before. Once they say they can’t eat something then that’s all they want. It’s a craving they can’t control. I watched a few of these shows but it’s too sad for me so I stopped. The good part was the babies. The other sister is the one that could die sooner. I hope they both do ok and get to live long enough.

    2. No Amy n her sister Tammy were 1,000 between them…NOT Amy alone being that much..People pls make sure you know what ur talking bout b4 replying!!!

    3. Noooo lol her and her sister together weighed 1000;lb. Hence the shows name. 1000 lb sisters. I think Amy had actually weighed in at 400 which was right before she had surgery. Her sister Tammy was over 600.

  2. I’m thinking Glen from Nightmare on Elm Street, who just happened to be played by (gasp!) Johnny Depp!

  3. I have three words for you ” The Walking Dead”. Glenn is a beloved character that was killed off way too soon

    1. I came here to say the same thing. The other characters mentioned are obscure but Glenn from The Walking Dead was a main character for years and baby Glenn’s name is spelled the same way as Glenn Rhees.

  4. Amy
    Live your life the way you want to! If these people want to say bull crap about you! Well check their life out! I hate the crap! Take care of your children and be happy. I know you can lose weight now. Fight for your right’s. Look doctor’s can’t say that you can’t do it! Do it tho and live a great life! You can do it!

    1. Amy so glad 😊😊 for you have watched show since Day one keep up the good job your going you will loose again good luck to all

  5. I’m afraid of getting to 175 lb., & I am at my goal now, after 3 years on low-fat die I do a lot of losing & gaining! I 🙏 pray you girls, all the time, keep up the great work, Amy. Your sister, sees how great you are doing, and follow. She will hopefully will at least, tell her, not to give up!

  6. These women also have mental health problems. It’s easy to sit back and judge. Until you walk a mile in their shoes DON’T JUDGE THEM!! My hat goes off for the women who took up for them. I agree you are fighting with your weight yet you are putting them down. Women should STAND together not put each other DOWN!!!!

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