The Real Reason Adam & Danielle Busby Keep The Quints So Busy?

The Real Reason Why Adam & Danielle Busby Keep The Quints So Busy? [Instagram]

There’s no doubt that Adam and Danielle Busby are busy parents. They’re often seen chasing all six of their children. The reality stars have to keep them occupied with many activities. Sometimes it’ll satisfy them for a little while, and allows Danielle and Adam to do what they need to.

The couple has also been keeping their kids outside of the home. They’re involved in many sports and activities. This is a great way for them to socialize and explore what they’re interested in. However, some fans think it’s too much. They don’t understand why the couple keeps the quints so busy.

Are The Busby Quints Too Busy? [Danielle Busby | Instagram]
[Danielle Busby | Instagram]

OutDaughtered fan express their concerns

One fan took to the OutDaughtered Snarks subreddit to share their concern. They have a feeling that Adam and Danielle Busby have their quints involved in too many activities. Normally, it’s best to have your children involved in one or two. But having too many can overwhelm them.

“Are the Busbys always putting their kids into activities? Gymnastics, basketball, more dance, soccer, cheerleading camp, volleyball, church groups, theatre camp for Blayke at one point, an invention class, and so many others,” the fan wrote. “Then the quints cry about trying something new, so D & A let them quit.”

Busby Quints [Danielle Busby | Instagram]
[Danielle Busby | Instagram]
Regardless, it doesn’t happen all at once. Most of these activities take place at different times of the year. It’s no wonder why the quints want to quit sometimes. They probably feel burned out and exhausted by all they have to do. Fans took to the thread to share their thoughts:

  • “They don’t want to parent. And want sponsorships and free stuff.”
  • “And of course the quints classes are usually seeming like private classes with no one else in them.”
  • “They do anything not to be around the kids.”
  • “No they are letting them try out new things so they can discover if they like those activities or not.”

Do Adam and Danielle Busby want to get rid of their kids?

Fans have wondered if Adam and Danielle Busby enjoy being parents. Their claim to fame is becoming parents to the all-girl quintuplets on the TLC show. Danielle expressed an interest in wanting more kids. However, fans don’t think they want to actually parent their kids.

Adam & Danielle Busby's Solo Trip [Adam Busby | Instagram]
[Adam Busby | Instagram]
The couple has received backlash for taking too many solo trips. Fans don’t like it when they brag about bringing their kids to their grandparents’ house. They think they should do more family-friendly trips and activities together. Some fans think the reason behind the countless activities is so they have more time to themselves.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Adam and Danielle Busby want more alone time? Do you agree the quints are involved in too many activities? Sound off below in the comment section.

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