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Mary Duggar Never Allowed Children Alone With Jimmy Lee?

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Jim Bob Duggar often credits his mother Mary Duggar with his deep-seated faith and love for the Lord. However, he doesn’t always say the kindest things about his father, Jimmy Lee.

Jim Bob’s relationship with his father was always strained — and now it appears there may be more to the story than meets the eye. Keep reading to see exactly why grandma Mary Duggar wouldn’t let the family kids be alone with Jimmy Lee.

Did Mary Duggar keep her husband’s dark activities a secret from the world?

Mary Duggar passed away in 2019, but she was a very beloved family member. Her grandchildren remember her fondly with online tributes to honor her memory.

But was it possible that she kept a horrible family secret buried for years?

Mary Duggar/TLC

“Grandpa Duggar was accused of SA too. Never charged, never arrested. The alleged SA was NOT related to any of the Duggar children,” Katie Joy posted on her Instagram page. “This story was told to me by Deanna Duggar & others ☕️🍵”

The YouTuber goes on to say that sources close to the Duggar family confirmed that Mary would not let the children be alone with Jimmy Lee.

“Even Jim Bob said ‘Josh inherited the sins of my father,'” Katie continued. “JL was known to be very abusive, with ‘severe mental health issues’ and a serial cheater on Mary. They all know but dance around it. I have no idea what happened exactly -allegedly.”

She attached a screenshot from her Instagram stories revealing that this was one of the most surprising facts she learned about the Duggars.

Katie Joy/Instagram

Jimmy Lee Duggar died in 2009, so the public may never know the truth. However, many people within the Duggar family’s circle continued to protect Josh for years. It’s not unthinkable that they would want to stop the truth from coming out about Jimmy Lee too.

And it’s very telling if even Mary Duggar forbade her husband from being along with children.

Jimmy Lee’s grandson pays for his own crimes

If Jimmy Lee Duggar did indeed abuse others, it appears that he escaped punishment in this life. Fortunately, Josh Duggar won’t get away with his crimes. Today, he’s in prison. Reports indicate that he’s spending his days hiding in his cell and will only come out at meal times.

According to Katie Joy, Josh won’t interact with others. It appears that he isn’t adjusting to prison well. More than likely, the other inmates heard about his crimes and don’t want to be friendly either.

In time, the public will get to know more about Josh’s time in prison. But for now, everyone will need to stay tuned for more.

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