Kylie Jenner’s Man, Travis Scott Stops Concert Dead In Its Tracks, Why?

Kylie Jenner's Man, Travis Scott Stops Concert Dead In Its Tracks, Why? [Travis Scott | Instagram]

Kylie Jenner’s man Travis Scott stopped a concert dead in its tracks. He’s been making a slow return to the spotlight after the Astroworld Festival mass casualty event back on November 5, 2021. Earlier this year, he performed at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards.

His concerts were known for being raucous and rowdy. Some even blame the rapper for hyping up the crowd, which led to the tragedy. However, at a recent concert, he stopped the show due to safety concerns.

On Monday, July 4, Travis performed at the Coney Island Art Walls’ Independence Day event. Initially, he was billed as a “live DJ,” but then he took to the stage alongside Meek Mill.

Travis Scott Makes Comeback [Billboard Music Awards | YouTube]
[Billboard Music Awards | YouTube]

Is Travis Scott changing his ways?

Per TMZ, Travis Scott stopped the show on Monday when it got too out of hand. The outdoor event was crowded and many of the concertgoers climbed up the stage to see him better. Most of them hung off the framework. Travis noticed the fans climbing up the truss and demanded they get down.

Thankfully, the fans complied and the concert proceeded. Travis Scott ensured that no one got hurt. This concert came after he headlined his first concert since the Astroworld tragedy in November 2021, which killed 10 people and left hundreds of concertgoers injured.

Travis Scott Performs At The Billboard Music Awards [Billboard Music Awards | YouTube]
[Billboard Music Awards | YouTube]
Per Entertainment Tonight, Travis Scott was scheduled to perform at the Day N Vegas Festival. However, that event was canceled on Friday due to “a combination of logistics, timing, and production issues.” The organizers didn’t explain what led up to that cancelation, but did admit that “the refund process will begin immediately.”

The “Goosebumps” rapper has been making a slow return to performing. His next headlining performance is at the Primavera Sound Festival. But, he’s only performing in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile in November 2022. Prior to then, he’s scheduled to perform at London’s O2 Arena on August, 6. However, Day N Vegas would’ve been his official return to the festival circuit.

Will Astroworld Festival make a comeback?

In lieu of Travis Scott’s latest performances, fans wonder if the infamous Astroworld Festival will make a comeback. So far, the hip-hop star is only staging a comeback to the stage after the tragedy. He’s still involved in multiple lawsuits filed against him. Travis is also part of a wrongful death lawsuit stemming from the Astroworld tragedy.

Travis Scott & Drake At Astroworld Festival [Apple Music | YouTube]
[Apple Music | YouTube]
It’s likely that Astroworld Festival won’t make a comeback due to the many lawsuits against the event. Travis Scott lost billions of dollars as a result of that event. But the most important thing to note is the loss of life that could’ve easily been prevented. Critics argue that his music career should’ve come to an end when that tragedy happened.

What are your thoughts on Travis Scott returning to the festival circuit? Do you think he’s changing his ways? Do you think he should still perform? Sound off below in the comment section.

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