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Did Amy Halterman Give Birth To Baby #2?

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Amy and Michael Halterman of 1000-Lb. Sisters revealed they were pregnant with baby #2 in January of this year. Fast approaching her due date, TLC fans wonder if Amy has given birth to baby #2 yet. When was her due date? Did she have a c-section scheduled? Here’s what we know.

Has Amy Halterman given birth yet?

As TvShowsAce previously reported, Amy Halterman’s due date was July 18th. She, however, didn’t plan on carrying the baby until then because she wanted to give birth via c-section. Amy Halterman reportedly had a c-section scheduled to happen this past weekend. So, fans are all anxiously waiting to know if this means baby Halterman #2 is here already.

Amy Halterman from TLC
Amy Halterman

When did she last post on social media?

Amy Halterman was offering fans weekly updates on her pregnancy. She, however, hasn’t posted on Instagram in the past two weeks. On June 20th, she took to Instagram and penned: “15 more day until i get to hold my baby boy!!!” Doing the math, this puts Amy Halterman scheduling her c-section on July 5th.

Will Amy Halterman announce the birth?

Whether or not Amy Halterman announces the birth of baby #2 really depends on whether TLC landed a deal with her for another season of the series. If Amy signed on for another season of the show, she could be under contract not to reveal any details about baby #2.

Presently, however, there hasn’t been any concrete information to suggest the series has been renewed for another season. Tammy Slaton has hinted at the possibility of another season. Amy, on the other hand, has admitted she wasn’t sure if she wanted to do another season. Amy Halterman admitted she wasn’t a fan of the amount of time they were required to film. During an interview, she said they’d have to cut back the amount of filming time if they wanted her back for more.

Amy Halterman Baby Number Two Update

So, has she given birth yet?

The radio silence on Instagram suggests that Amy Halterman has given birth to baby #2 sometime in the past two weeks. Unfortunately, fans will have to play the waiting game on the news. Being a reality TV star, it is possible Amy will wait and sell the news of her birth to a media outlet that offers her the most money for an exclusive to the story.

Do you think Amy Halterman has given birth yet? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more 1000-Lb. Sisters.

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