Kim Kardashian Berated For Violating North And Chicago With THIS Photo

It seems Kim Kardashian’s bad parent saga won’t end soon! The KUWTK alum once again sparked a backlash over her latest social media post. She shared a snap of her daughters, Chicago and North, on Instagram.

North And Chicago Look Adorable Cuddled In Bed

Fans didn’t shy away from pointing out how the reality star violated her kid’s privacy by sharing their picture publicly without them knowing about it. The picture had her 9-year-old and 4-year-old daughters cuddling together sound asleep on her bed.

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The picture was nothing less than adorable, with their noses touching and their arms crossed around one another. They were lying under the covers looking all cozy and snug. As per The Sun, the girls had their brunette hair pulled back away with their cheeks showing. While Chicago looked adorable in cozy pink LOL-themed pajamas, North sported a gray-colored T-shirt.

Kim Kardashian Called Out For Violating Her Children’s Privacy

From the looks of it, the sisters didn’t know that they were being photographed by their mother. Yes, of course, it is almost impossible for a mother to not capture such a sweet moment.

She captioned the post, stating that she woke up in the morning to see her daughters fast asleep in her bed cuddled together. The mother of four added that nothing could be better than this.

Kim Kardashian YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

While most fans saw it as a cute and adorable picture, others didn’t like the idea that their mother shared a secret snapshot without the children’s permission.

In a thread online, a Kardashian fan stated that this is nothing but a privacy violation. It is a private moment of her and her children and shouldn’t be posted on fake Instagram for hundreds of millions of people.

Is Kim Trying To Fake Being A Super Mom?

Another agreed with a similar response stating that it is disgusting that the Kardashians post pictures of their kids constantly. It usually happens when they are at their most vulnerable, especially when asleep. A third continued that it is hard to imagine not being able to take a good nap in one’s own bed.

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The Kardashian kids might be in constant fear of pictures being taken and shared with millions and having no privacy on one’s own bed.

A fourth fan sympathized with the sisters and mentioned that if it were them, this act by Kim would make them mad. They also added that they hated when their mom posted their pictures on Facebook without asking for permission.

Another called out the reality star, adding that she uses her children as an extension of herself. They added she posts pictures so that fans would buy into the idea of Kim being a super mom.

Lately, Kim has been posting a lot with her kids and slammed by fans for her bad parenting style. Do you feel Kim is a bad parent? Or are fans being too hard on her? Let us know in the comments!

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