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‘LPBW’ Fans Are Heartbroken For Tori Roloff, Why?

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LPBW (Little People, Big Worldfans are feeling heartbroken for TLC star Tori Roloff. After watching Zach Roloff’s wife on Season 23, they have noticed that she’s very down about something. So, what is going on with Tori, and what do fans feel so sad over?

Note that this article contains details about the current season of LPBW, as well as the family’s lives at the present time. If you would like to avoid spoilers about what’s to come, you may wish to skip reading this article.

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Zach and Tori have three kids. In the current season of LPBW, Season 23, Tori is expecting her third baby. Their first two kids are Jackson, 5, and Lilah, 2.

However, while watching the show, fans can’t help but notice Tori’s disappointment about her third pregnancy. Keep reading for more details.

LPBW Fans Heartbroken For Tori Roloff

On RedditLPBW fans are talking about Tori Roloff and how sad they are for her while watching this season. They noticed that she seems convinced that her third baby is average-sized. However, she’s now given birth to her third child in real-time. The show is a little bit behind on the family’s lives due to filming and production.

But their new baby has now been diagnosed with achondroplasia, which is the same form of dwarfism that Zach, Jackson, and Lilah have.

Tori - Zach - Jackson - Lilah - Roloff Youtube
Tori – Zach – Jackson – Lilah – Youtube

One fan says, “It breaks my heart a little watching this season, with Tori thinking they’re going to have an average-sized baby, and we now know Josiah is a dwarf.”

They continue, “What saddens me is how happy and excited she seemed, thinking the baby would be average-sized.”

Plenty of other LPBW fans are agreeing with this sentiment. Someone writes, “It breaks my heart too. I know Tori is hoping for a baby who doesn’t have to face a lifetime of health issues.”

Yet another viewer adds, “I know that they will love each and every child they have. It is hard to see Tori’s face light up with the thought of having an averaged sized child.”

So, do you feel heartbroken for Tori Roloff, too? Did you notice that she seems upset about not having an average-sized child? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Roloffs. Plus, don’t miss new episodes of LPBW on Tuesdays on TLC and discovery+.

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  1. You’re such a good mom and don’t worry you’ll be a great mom I’m sure the third baby Joshua the kids couldn’t feel more loved than they do right now I feel sorry for you but you and Zach are great parents just hang in there

  2. Nope, don’t feel sorry for her at all. If she doesn’t want another dwarf baby quit having kids!! She is married to a dwarf, what does she expect!!

    1. I’m sorry I understand them wanting kids but why keep having kids knowing that they will have challenges their entire lives especially health challenges and multiple surgeries 🤷‍♀️

  3. But its ok for a 12 year old to carry a pregnancy to full term after being raped…I’m pretty sure she didn’t want to have a baby…

  4. I agree. I don’t understand why you would continue to have children when you know the pain and obstacles they will have to go through. They will have to have multiple surgeries. Who would purposely do this to a child.

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