Will ‘Minions: Rise Of Gru’ Get Picked Up By Netflix?

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Minions: The Rise Of Gru is all set to release in theaters on July 1, 2022. This 2nd entry in the Minions movie franchise & sixth in the Despicable Me series will be available at the theater. But is it coming to Netflix as well? If yes, when will fans be able to watch the movie on the streaming platform?

Minions’ Second Installment Releases 7 Years After The First

The first Minions animated movie was released in 2015, but it took the 2nd one from the franchise seven long years to be here for the fans to enjoy. The new entry to the franchise is a prequel to the Despicable Me series’ main protagonist Gru’s storyline. The movie revolves around Felonius Gru’s dream to become the greatest super villain in the world.

Minions YouTube

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The movie has popular names come along to voice the characters, including Steve Carrell’s return as Gru. Other voices heard throughout the movie include names such as Julie Andrews, Russell Brand, Michelle Yeoh, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Alan Arkin, and RZA.

When Does ‘Minions: Rise Of Gru’ Come To Netflix US?

Netflix US viewers are in for a treat thanks to Netflix’s new deal with Universal. As per the deal, Illumination movies will continue to come to Netflix’s US location. The 2021 musical-comedy Sing 2 was available to stream on Netflix by June 2022 as a part of the legacy deal between Netflix and Universal.

Although Minions: Rise Of Gru will surely be available on Netflix, the rules are a tad different. Let us take an example of another movie following the same rules for release on the streaming platform. The Bad Guys, released in March this year, is to come to Netflix in the latter half of the year.

Minions YouTube

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However, the movie was set to air on Peacock 45 days after its theatrical release, which was postponed to 70 days. After the movie’s theatrical release, the movie is up at Peacock for 4 months, following which Netflix users get to stream it for 10 months. Finally, Peacock will get the final rights to air the movie for the last four months.

Will ‘Minions: Rise Of Gru’ Be Available On Netflix By 2023?

As of now, we don’t have the exact timeline for Minions: Rise Of Gru’s theatrical window. As per What’s On Netflix, there is an available release date for The Bad Guys on Peacock. So, this data can be used to estimate the approximate date for the movie’s availability on Netflix.

Assuming the Minions’ 2nd installment releases in a similar timeframe as The Bad Guys, we will see the movie on Peacock by September 9. After which, it will be available to stream on Netflix by January 9, 2023. This is an estimation, and the actual dates could be different. Regardless, Minions: Rise Of Gru will surely be available on Netflix by 2023.

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