‘LPBW’ Sneak Peek: Zach Roloff Gives Update On Feud With Dad

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In a sneak peek for the Tuesday, June 28 episode of TLC’s Little People, Big World (LPBW), Zach Roloff shares where he stands with his dad. This season has been filled with drama between the father and son. So, how are they now? Keep reading to check out the new sneak peek and see what’s going on with Matt and Zach.

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Throughout Little People, Big World Season 23, Matt and Zach have been in a rough spot. The Roloff Farms drama has gotten pretty intense. For years, Matt’s kids thought they would have a chance to take over the farm. But now, it’s looking like that’s not the case. So, naturally, there’s some tension over the future of the farm.

So, as the season continues, how are things looking between Matt and Zach?

LPBW: Zach Roloff updates viewers on his feud with his father, Matt.

In the Tuesday, June 28 episode of LPBW, Zach, Tori, and their kids, Jackson and Lilah, are moving into their new home. Naturally, this reminds Zach of all of the conflict over the farm. He talks about how his kids will be raised differently than he initially hoped. He says, “We’re excited for our kids to grow up here. The way we got here was not good. And like, actions from other people, I think, weren’t right. But yes, now that we’re here, it’s great.” 

Zach continues, “It’s not going to be the same childhood that I had. But either way, they weren’t gonna have that exact same childhood, even if it was at the farm.” 

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The LPBW star then explains what’s going on between him and Matt. He says, “I haven’t talked to my dad much lately. But my mom, Chris, my dad, and Caryn are all about to go to Arizona. Yeah, a little strange for me, them all hanging out in Arizona together, but I’m staying out of it.” 

So, it sounds like things aren’t totally back to normal between Zach and his dad, Matt. It may take more time, and who knows if things will ever completely improve after all that’s happened?

You can watch the preview here or find it below.

So, does this update from Zach Roloff surprise you? Will you be watching the new episode of Little People, Big World this week? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Roloffs. Don’t miss new episodes of LPBW on Tuesdays on TLC.

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